Does getting the flu affect CIDP?

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      Ron Brunelle

      Ron wrote;
      A few days after my 6th IVIG infusion I got the flu. I’ve seen slow but steady progress with each infusion, but this time I see no progress, actually I feel like I’ve regressed.
      It’s obvious that the flu has effected my general health.
      Has anyone experienced this effect after getting the flu?

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      The flu triggers our autoimmune systems to go into action to fight off the illness. Those of us who have GBS/CIDP or its variants, already have compromised immune systems. In this case it is not completely understood what kind of antibodies our systems may produce to help our bodies fight off the flu. Antibodies that don’t properly recognize “self” could be produced and attack, as an example, our myelin sheath. This in turn could increase the symptoms we are trying to heal and reduce with IVIg treatments.

      I’ve had the flu a few times since CIDP and it’s always a concern for me that it could bring back symptoms or flare up residuals. So far, it hasn’t.

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      Every time I’ve gotten sick since I’ve got CIDP, my symptoms have gotten worse. The prednisone and Imuran I’m taking are supposed to suppress my immune system. When you get sick, your immune system kicks in gear.

      As Jim notes, bottom line, yes your CIDP can get worse during an illness.

      I can hardly wait for the Corona virus to hit my area ; ). In all seriousness, I am a bit concerned how people with CIDP will be affected by Wuhan special.

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