Frequently Asked Questions about the GBS|CIDP Foundation International Online Community Forums

What is the GBS|CIDP Community Forum?

The Community Forum is a place for all patients, caregivers, friends and family to find support, that is easily accessible, from those who may be experiencing the same, or similar, journey. Whether you are newly diagnosed, or well down the road to recovery, there  are active discussions, on a wide range of topics, for every step of  the way.

The Community Forum also aims to empower people by giving the opportunity to meet others, and feel confident and supported regarding what they may be experiencing. Plus, Foundation volunteers are active participants in the forum discussions, to be sure you are connected with the network and resources that are the most beneficial for you. Join the conversation!

How do I join the Online Forum Community?

You need to be a Community Member to participate in the forums. If you are already a member and want to gain access to the forums, please fill out our support form.

Can I read the Forum without being a member?

Yes, you can read the forums. In order to participate (reply to comments, post topics), you will need to become a member.

How do I get a user account?

Once you are registered for any account, you will receive:

1. An activation email. You will need to click on the link in order to activate your account.
2. Once you have activated your account, you will receive a second email to setup your password.

How do I post topics or replies?

Once you become an Online Forum member, you will need to login in order to post any replies.

What if I forget my password?

Please visit lost password and enter your registered email or username to receive a link to reset your password.

How do I post to the Forums?

You can add a new topic or reply to existing topics. There is a form at the bottom of the discussion to post.
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Can I create a new Forum?

No, but you can create new topics and reply to existing topics using the form at the bottom of each topic page.

Have technical questions?

Please submit a form or visit the Support forum.

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