two different neuropathies or just cidp?

    • Anonymous
      November 13, 2009 at 7:58 pm

      something has been bothering me.

      last summer I had a mild neuropathy. it was slow and steady. present every day worse at night. I would wake up with my arms dead asleep but not so much my legs. it bothered me because it seemed different from the ataxic gait/ ascending semetrical muscle weakness/ radicular and cramping pain /waxing and waining I had in the past and I have right now. this summer had a gradual onset not the ubrupt one I am used to. not much pain just rain drop and bee sting sensations and numb patches that had an asemetrical presentation, vertigo and tinnitus. I just assumed that things had changed. it had morphed but now I am back to the old symtpms that I am used to. I even had that acute onset. i thought maybe last summer was a mild bout but now I wonder if these are two different illnesses.

      does cidp do this. please I would respect some input on this.