CIDP youtube channel!

    • Anonymous
      January 2, 2014 at 7:52 am

      Hey! So I was a 19 year old collegiate athlete when CIDP struck me out of nowhere! I started showing symptoms 1/1/11, got wrongly diagnosed with GBS on 1/25/12, got correctly diagnosed with CIDP on 6/19/12 and started improving from IVIG and prednisone on 8/14/12. And in July of 2013 I made a youtube channel because I know that I had lots of questions when I first got CIDP and didn’t know where to look so I wanted to be the one to make youtube videos for other people who felt the same way. I just want to help and be there for people. So check out my youtube channel! I post physical recovery update videos every few months, I talk about veganism and raw veganism and how it’s helped my recovery dramatically and soon I’ll be posting healthy recipe videos and tons of other fun stuff so stay tuned! My channel is
      I also have a facebook page that I actually post to even more often; same types of things though.
      I also have a skype account and if anyone has any questions that they want to ask me about recovery or just CIDP in general, feel more than welcome to add me and we’ll set up a time to talk, I’m here for YOU! Just send a personal message to my facebook page listed above ^^^
      My skype account name is battlingcidp
      Well good luck with everything my fellow GBS/CIDPers!