This months baby step; aches and pain, I’m sixty

    • Anonymous
      August 29, 2010 at 11:46 am

      My sixty year old body is recovering from the nightmare of GBS and I have relished the baby steps of improvement during the last 7 months. I have left behind the hospital, the walker, the shower chair and the cane. Moving back toward a normal life (no, not normal) but returning to work with the conditions of two half hour naps per day, driving around town and having maybe an hour of energy left for myself and family after the work day.
      But, some things that the healing also has given me back are the normal aches and pains of a sixty year old man. The last 8 months (including onset) I did not even realize that my normal aches and pains were gone. I didn’t miss them in the least. During the last month, my back ache has returned, my knees hurt, my feet that are still numb are sore and tired after a day at work, bug bites itch. And here is the clincher, I have had an enlarged prostate for the last 4 or so years, with GBS the symptoms of this condition were gone. I now have returned to several visits per night to the bathroom. I told my Urologist I was cured, he just said see me in six months.
      While I will never complain about recovering from GBS, it was and is still a nightmare, I will lament once again about my age and the conditions of that age. This post is written as a communication of recovery, a celebration, just another baby step on the road to normalcy.