Still have leg pain

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    Hello all,
    I was diagnosed with CIDP Dec 2017. Had my 5 day loading dose, and maintenance every 28 days…Gamagard 600mL. Due to a couple of major screw ups by my Neurologist’s office in not getting the prescription right….the second scrip they wrote for a second 5 day loading dose, then changed it to a 7 Liter dose. Yes SEVEN LITERS!! In April I retired and had to change Drs. Had my first infusion last Thursday under new Dr.
    Gamagard has re leaved my nerve pain, very seldom do i have the pins and needles feeling in my feet, but has done nothing for the muscle weakness and muscle pain. I walk my dog almost every day approximately 1 mile, then pay for it in the form of pain the rest of the day. Thoughts?

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