Rituxan?? HELP?

    • Anonymous
      September 29, 2009 at 3:01 am

      Thank you so much to everyone who advised me on prednisone use.
      This is a great site! I always feel like there is someone who has experience that they can share with me. I really do appreciate all of you.

      Well, my doctor told me today that he wants me to try Rituxan. I know that it first was used to fight cancer. I guess it has been helpful in the treatment of MS and Arthritis. The first week I would have Rituxan by IV on one day. The 2nd week, I would repeat the same protocol. Then every 3 months as needed. I guess dosage depends on your body size and lab results. My CRP and Sed Rate are way off the charts. I feel pretty bad and am so shaky that I couldn’t type on the computer most of last week.

      Note I have tried IVG with no results. Also, Orencia, Embrel, Solymederol IV, etc. Nothing helps but large dosages of Prednisone and Dr. won’t keep me on it. I am being whined down on it now. I just keep having one flare-up after another. Everything is getting worse.

      Have any one you had experience with Rituxan? If you know anything about it could you share info with me. I would really appreciate it. I know this drug is in a class by itself. It’s strong stuff and scary. I want to make sure that it should go in my body. Is it being used to treat CIDP and other Neuropathys?

      Thanks again for any and all information.

      Have a healthy, happy week.
      Sandila :confused:

    • Anonymous
      September 29, 2009 at 2:05 pm

      a member by the name of allaug has a sustained remission from rituxan. read her posts and contact her.


    • Anonymous
      September 30, 2009 at 10:17 am

      Hi Sandila,
      there are actually three of us who have been discussing their Rituxan treatment extensively, Allaug in Norway, Andrew in Canada and myself here in the US. You can find that thread at


      We all have a CIDP variant in common: antiMAG IgM neuropathy or Paraproteinaemic Demyelinating Neuropathy (PDN). It is slowly progressive, mainly sensory and does not respond well to IVIG, prednisone and some other treatments. Both Allaug and Andrew had good success with Rituxan while I did not. I just finished a 2 year course of four treatments in May spaced 6 months apart. It is my understanding that Rituxan has a 30% success rate for our variant. I don’t know how this would apply to the “common” CIDP.

      If after reading the other thread you have any more questions don’t hesitate to post them there.

    • Anonymous
      October 1, 2009 at 12:20 am

      Thanks so much. I will try to find the thread.
      I appreciate your help.
      Sandila :confused: