Possible CIPD/Chance of treatment effectiveness with late diagnosis?

    • February 2, 2020 at 10:52 pm

      Hi, I’m a 25 yr old, married, Mother of 2 and I believe I have CIPD. I have a slew of continuous symptoms that started up March 2019. I started having random bits of weakness in my legs around November of 2018, it would come and go, and pretty much thought nothing much of it. It was in March 2019 that I started having persistent muscle weakness in my legs. Around 3-4 weeks later, my legs became numb. I still have some feelings and sensations, but not much. Since then it’s only been evolving and growing worse.

      Here are some of my symptoms:
      -Tremors in my hands
      -Numbness in arms, legs, and a little in the face; with it worsening in my legs and moving higher
      -Weakness in arms/hands and legs
      -Muscle spasms in arms/hands, legs/feet, and back (predominately in my lower half)
      -Some loss of precision and dexterity in my hands and fingers
      -Frequent memory retention problems (from what I was currently doing, in the middle of doing it, to what I did the past few days, to retaining new information, to remembering basic words and spelling)
      -Occasional speech impairments; stuttering/difficulty getting words out
      -Switching, or combining, words around when talking or writing
      -Bladder & bowel problems
      -Pain worse at night
      -High level of fatigue
      -Waking up with body stiffness/sensation of being unable to move my legs
      -Unable to walk without assitance (I currently use a cane)
      -Unable to stand or walk for more than 3 minutes (I have to use a wheelchair when I leave the house, since my house isn’t currently accessible I don’t use it at home)
      -Stairs and steps are difficult
      -Some loss of balance

      I’m currently on Gabapentin, and that has been helping my tremors and the nerve pain in my lower half. I also, occasionally, take muscle relaxers when my spams are too big or frequent. I mainly take them at night, since they make me kind of out of it and super drowsy.

      Do you think, based off my symptoms, that I may have CIPD and should persue that line of testing?
      Although, my main concern is this that if I do have CIPD, is treatment still effective after a year of symptoms? What are my chances of recovery?