Paying for IVIG as Medicaid ends – Need advice!

    • November 2, 2021 at 12:22 pm

      Hello everyone!

      Glad to join the community!

      My wife (age 30) was diagnosed with CIDP about 2 years ago. She started IVIG treatment once-a-month early last year, which has worked out great for her! While she has been getting treated though, she has been on Medicaid as she was a full-time student. Medicaid obviously covered 100% of the costs after jumping through all of the hoops, so that has been a blessing for sure. She has since graduated and found a full-time job that offers health insurance. Therefore, her Medicaid status will be ending in January 2022. Therefore, we are really concerned, and somewhat stressed, about paying for such an expensive treatment.

      Right now we are looking into our insurance plan options. Her employer offers one health insurance provider, while mine offers another company. We are lost on this and don’t know how it all works. We are meeting with an advisor next month. With this, does anyone on here have any advice for us? Is there something we should be looking for in these plans that will help? Are there specific questions we really need to ask the advisor about or so? ANY advice on this for us to make the best, most well informed decision would be greatly appreciated!!!

      Additionally, is there anything else out there my wife and I should look into that we are not thinking of? For example, someone advised us to look into Medicare Part B (or is it D?). Are we missing anything else that we should look into?

      I really appreciate any help. We are lost on it, and the insurance companies have been next to no help on this (which is so frustrating), therefore a health insurance advisor from church is going to help us out, at least try to. But any help from any of you fine folks who are going through the same thing would be much appreciated!

      Also, if I did not offer enough information, please feel free to ask questions!

      Thank you all!!

    • November 4, 2021 at 9:25 pm

      What are the two insurance plans (details please)?

      Here are some links to discussions about insurance. I hope they may provide some insight for you.

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      Please post in one these other threads that is the closest to your situation. Your input can help others experiencing a similar dilemma about insurance.