One Year Since Diagnosis

    • Anonymous
      December 29, 2011 at 12:34 am

      Today is my one year anniversary with GBS. It was 4 days after my 55th birthday when I had my first symtoms and was in fairly good shape for my age. I was in the hospital for about 1 week and was given the typical 5 day dose of IVIG. I spent about 2 months in a rehab hospital and then was sent home. I returned to work in about 3 months and at that time I was able to walk without a cane or walker. I was still wearing braces on my ankles. I have continued to progress and currently am able to do most of the things that I enjoyed prior to GBS. I continue to have pain on the bottom of my feet and some tingling in my fingers. Luckily for me I never had too much pain and went off of all medications as soon as I was released from the rehab hospital. I am able to go on 1 hour bicycle rides and peddle my Hobie kayak. One of the biggest loves of my life was surfing. I used to surf 5 to 6 times per week. Due to the inflexibility of my ankles and general stiffness I have not been able to surf. I still go out maybe once per week and paddle around with my friends. I think that in the future my ability to surf will return. I am very thankful for the recovery that I had up to this point. I know from reading the posts on this site that many of you have not recovered. When I was in the hospital and could only move my right arm recovery did not seem possible. For those of you that are new to GBS, don’t give up hope. Even now after 1 year, I still can see progress.

    • December 31, 2011 at 8:34 pm

      So awesome to here that you are out there living life. I am 14 months post GBS and it has been a long road but like you I can do most everything I could do before. Weak ankles (dorsiflexion) and hand are my biggest issues right now. Ability to run fast or for any distance is still an issue (not that I ever really desired to do it before). I’ve stopped PT and anything I do now is on my own, lifting weights, walking, stretching all that good stuff. Not where I want to be but it gives me something to work towards, and I do believe that the harder you work the better your recovery. Good luck to you and everyone in 2012.