No insurance…

    • Anonymous
      February 17, 2014 at 12:10 am

      I was dx’d with CIDP 7yrs ago this coming May. I had EXCELLENT insurance then. Over the past 7yrs, I have had insurance on and off, mostly off, because of my hubby losing his job and other things. We made to much for Medicaid but I do have A,B & D of Medicare. I cannot get a supplement to Medicare because of my age, Im 45. And this crap called Obamacare…Well who can afford that??? I know we certainly cant. I just don’t know what to do. I havent seen a doctor of any type in over a year. My symptoms are going CRAZY. I cant get my scripts refilled because I cant afford to go to the doctor. I need advice on this, any would be appreciated……Thanks for listening, Char

    • February 17, 2014 at 5:01 am

      Those that qualify for Medicare do not have to get a policy through the Affordable Care Act (Obama care).

      Just to confirm, you already have coverage via Medicare parts: A (hospital, surgery, lab tests, doctor visits, SNF, home care, more); B (ambulance, wheelchairs, walkers, clinical services, more); and, D (prescription drugs). You don’t have part C (Medicare Advantage Plan (PPO or HMO).

      Many part C plans are free (no monthly premium) and each State has qualified different ones. Most of these are HMO plans, but some PPO plans are free in some States too (or have a small premium). Have you looked into a Medicare Advantage Plan where you live? Was this what you called a “supplement” where you were denied coverage? Please use the “personalized search” at the following link to find a Medicare Advantage Plan in your area:

      Open ennrollment periods are closing fast so you will need to apply quickly. Enrollment deadline info can be found here:

      Have you looked into Medigap plans (this could be what you called a “supplement”)? Normally you have to be 65+ to enroll, but some States have made enrollment mandatory if you have already qualified for Medicare. More info here:

      Each State has its own special programs to support the health of persons with low income. In California it is Medi-Cal or LIHP: You should check with your State to see what programs they offer and if you qualify for them.

      Drug companies usually have special programs where they can offer the drugs to you at very reduced costs, sometimes close to free. You should check the websites of your drug makers for these programs. As an example, if you were taking the drug Ampyra, you might qualify for their help program here:

      Going to see a Doctor in order to get current prescriptions is covered under Part A. However, there is a deductible and a co-pay that would need to be paid at some point. These can usually be negotiated and paid off over a longer time frame.

      Another option is to buy your medicines from outside the USA where you do not need a prescription. I do this all the time to cover certain expensive drugs not covered by Medicare. Yes, there is some risk when buying from India, Canada, Europe, New Zealand, et all. Here are a few sites I have used (but cannot gurantee them for your drugs) that might offer your drugs for less:

      I hope you can find coverage and get the treatments you need to help overcome this disease.