new pain in one hand – what could it be?

    • Anonymous
      April 6, 2007 at 4:52 am

      I never had any pain associated with GBS (i guess I am one of the lucky ones) and apart from occasional painless “zings” in my left hand, have not had any ongoing residuals (apart from the usual fatigue).

      Over the last few weeks I developed a constant ache in my left index finger that has progressed to my wrist/hand. My GBS did start in my hands but progressed very quickly and both sides were affected, so I am not overly concerned that it is a relapse.

      As i never had pain while i was suffering GBS, I dont know if this is the same kind of pain or why i would suddenly get it now (i am still only 8 months post GBS but have been symptom free for quite a few months)

      Just wondering if anyone has had problems with painful hands (seems to me to be in the joints?) or ideas on what it could be?

    • Anonymous
      April 6, 2007 at 12:23 pm

      Hi Yolande,

      My uneducated guess would be that maybe you are developing some arthritis?!? With our GBS history, we seem to get all kinds of stuff. Surely, someone more educated than me will put their two cents worth in.

      Take care,