My Battle w/ GBS

    • Anonymous
      February 25, 2007 at 5:07 pm

      Hello again everyone! I have not posted since late Dec ’06, after having my GBS onset on Dec 3rd. As an update to my previous post (New to the forum and GBS….. I would like to share with everyone just how far ive come along. At first I could not accept the fact that I would not be walking for 1-2+ months, but now I’m happy to share that I’m walking with NO ASSISTANCE! 😀 Being on my own 2 feet has never felt better. Due to slight foot drop on my right foot my walk looks slightly bo-legged, but I have faith and am confident this will get better over time. The tingling/tightness that I felt along my hands and fingers has gone away completely. I can now play my videogames like I used to seeing as my coordination has come back too.
      I never thought that a recovery this fast was possible, but with ALOT of FAITH and PERSISTANCE I now know ANYTHING is possible. My insurance finally ok’d OP therapy/rehab and ive been going 3X a week for 4 weeks now. (Got 4 weeks left) The only thing I can truly say still bothers me are my feet/toes, which at times still feel a little tight. Also my right calf muscle kills me in the morning. 😡 My first few steps when I wake up are painful ones, but throughout the day the pain slowly goes away. I can only describe it as an overstretched feeling. My therapist seems to think that botox shots along my calf/ankles will help loosen the muscle(s). Has anyone heard/tried that?? :confused: Anyways, feel free to ask any questions regarding my/your recovery and I will try to answer as best I can. I pray for everyone on the forum and around the world who come face to face with this horrible syndrome known as GBS. It truly does stand for Getting Better Slowly.

    • February 25, 2007 at 9:36 pm

      that is wonderful news Jorge!! The tightness was something I felt as well in my legs (mainly my right one) and my neck (very annoying! I still have it but not nearly as bad now). In a couple of more months you will notice even more recovery and will be so excited! I also had pain in my right calf and shin (and some in my left, but not as bad as the right one) first thing in the morning. It felt as if I had worked out too much the day before, and I would gently stretch before getting out of bed to start my day. That seemed to help make it less painful to take those first morning steps. But, 7 months later, I only experience that on very rare occassions. I guess I am trying to reassure you that it does get even better than it is now for you. You are still so new to this and each day, each week, each month will bring you more good things. Take very good care of yourself, learn what your body can and cant do right now, and learn to work with it. Recovery can seem to take a couple of steps backwards from time to time, don’t get too discouraged. Your body has been through a lot and will heal slowly at its own pace. Remember to rest and stay positive. Your story is very encouraging and thank you for posting! I will keep you in my prayers for more good things to come.


    • Anonymous
      February 25, 2007 at 10:27 pm

      Glad to hear you are making such good progress!!! Keep up the good work!