IVIG and dreams

    • Anonymous
      February 24, 2009 at 8:12 am

      Ok folks…I had my two days of IVIG…all went pretty well. I had a headache last night for the first time in a while but overall, I cannot complain…

      However…I fell asleep around 930p and woke up about 10:40p after having the most vivid and realistic dream…and it included my Mom.

      It was so intense and I cant go in to details right now b/c I will cry and I’m at work…but she was there, holding my hands and slowly letting go.

      It was VERY real.

      Does anyone else have vivid dreams after treatment ?

      It was a long night…I was scared to go back to sleep…my eyes are two giant puff balls today from crying. I was trembling and crying…I got up and told my husband all about it…every detail I could remember…he grabbed me and hugged me as hard as he ever has and cried right along with me.

      good day everyone,