Is this cipd? how were people diagnosed?

    • April 28, 2015 at 4:52 pm

      Hi just wondering if anyone has had a difficult path to diagnosis? Three years ago I experienced weakness in my legs while walking my dogs. Three days later my muscles on the right side of my mouth dropped and my eye reflexes disappeared on my right side. I was initially treated with antivirals but got worse so was admitted to a stroke unit and given treatment for a stroke. After 5 days I was referred to a neurologist who did mri of head which showed nothing, lumber puncture with slightly elevated protein. Said there was nothing wrong with me and I probably had had a viral infection. I then developed pins and needles in hands feet and started to get dizzy spells. After I developed pains in my legs I was sent back to neurologist who said I am depressed, my gp says I am not depressed. I agree with gp as I’m cheerful although frustrated! I’m still sleeping well when I don’t have too much pain in my legs! I have no symptoms of depression at all! I am presently not able to clean my teeth or blow dry my hair continuously (I have to keep stopping) I can’t change the bedding without sitting on the bed and resting. Getting up stairs is difficult. The pain in my legs and one ankle is getting unbearable! I have diabetes (40rys) which is well controlled and asthma. My asthma can be quite bad and when I have steroids the pain in my legs gets better and getting up the starts is much easier. Last time I had steroids for my chest I was so bad I had two weeks of steroids I felt great after a week on them. The neurologist has discharged me as she thinks there’s nothing wrong and my gp just says let’s see what develops. The more research I do I keep thinking I might have cipd?