Information regarding Immunoadsorption

    • October 17, 2019 at 6:25 am

      I was diagnosed GBS 4 years ago, was treated with PE and then rehab. Never fully recovered. than 2 years ago diagnosed with CIDP.
      Was treated with IVIG in 3 week intervals which helped me until symptoms returned after a year. Then started prednisone 60mg for one month and deteriorated to a point I was hospitalized. Had PE again- and was stabilized. Was prescribed with Rituximab and stopped other treatments which caused deterioration up to wheelchair and hospitalization. During hospitalization they tried combinations of 1000 mg of IV steroids followed by IVIG, and after deteriorating again they ran tests and back to PE.
      During this time I heard about IA – Immunoadsorption. I was told it can be effective for a long term. Also heard it only exists in Europe.
      How can I get information about it?
      Does anyone have any experience with it?
      Who can I contact for further information?