I feel like a VAMPIRE!

    • Anonymous
      August 4, 2008 at 4:04 am

      All day yesterday I felt all tired and worn out. Just knew I was going to get some good sleep. And after taking my meds last night, I did get some sleep. But it’s weird! Because as soon as the sun goes down, my body then decides it wants to get a spurt of busting energy and I then get hyper feeling.
      I finally get to sleep after taking my meds to suddenly wake up at 2:37 in the morning.
      I do this stuff all the time. I’m beginning to feel like a Vampire waking up from it’s coffin for a midnight feed! 😀 And sleeping on the sofa is not my idea of a bed if you know what I mean. I am seriously thinking about moving our recliners out of the den and buying myself a hospital bed and placing it in our den. Since I live in my den more than I do my bedroom. 😡
      If this continues, then I might just start saving up my money for that. Either that or wait until Christmas and buy myself one.
      My next doctor visit… which I have 3 this month, I plan on telling them my meds wear out after 5 hours. Maybe they can increase my meds and hope that helps.
      Well, I guess the Vampire here will grab herself a cookie, turn on the TV and watch a movie or the news. What a bummer!

    • Anonymous
      August 4, 2008 at 6:28 am

      Vampire? Nope you just have your nights and days mixed up like most of have done.

      This is where good sleeping habits come in.
      1. Sleep in the bedroom with the tv off! That lets the mind calm down. You will find that we tend to get over stimulated from any noise or lights.
      2. Watch the intake of caffine before bedtime. Evenings are an easy time to have that warm cup of coffee or tea before you go to bed and that soft drink while watching tv. So I made sure I did not eat after a certain time or drink all evening because then I would be making runs to the bathroom all night. Something else to keep me up. Yep once a wake then I could not get back to sleep!
      3. Get yourself a Journal and take advantage of your mind being hyper. I kept all my stuff together. Menus for meals, exercise routine done, doctor appoints, grocery list and things that needed done around the house. Even bills that needed paid or when the car needed maintance. Down to gifts and cards for holidays and birthdays. This list was good because I could just hand it to someone if they asked if they could do something for me. I arranged the page the same each day. Circled the times I took my pills and drank my water and ate my meals and did that exercise. I made sure some one fed the pets and changed the water bowl. I also found this kept the household organized so I did not feel that this ir that was not getting done. That kept my head from swimming thinnking about what I did not get done that day. It become what WE did not get done that day! NO BIGGIE!
      4. Getting yourself on a good daily routine did help. I made sure I schedules long naps during the morning and afternoon. After many months and even a year I could go longer in the morning and skip that nap or skip the afternoon nap. Kinda like what a toddler goes thru. I tried not to sleep in the evenings when family was home from work. That way I was ready for bed at bed time.

      All takes work but it does work. Remember there are two kinds of exercise. Mental exercise like reading, talking on the phone and Journaling takes care of that hyperness that we find when we lay down. Those times our minds are still racing. I played games later on in the recovery just to use up mental energy or got on the computer. Physical exercise is an effort and you have to listen to your body! You have to keep moving. Stretching, range of motion and balance and breathing exercise might be all I could handle that day I had off from rehab. But I did not do it all at once I fit it in during the day…..all day long. 5 minutes each hour. Then I would go sit down or get something done around the house or play with the pets.

      I ate at regular times and really worked hard to keep myself on a routine. That way I did not get frustrated and get my days and nights mixed up. I told people that were calling to check on me that I had times when I took calls. If I was sleeping I would not hear the phone. As I need less and less sleep I would use that time to make doctors appointments and call friends.

      When you have meds that give you side effects and make you tired you have to adjust the times you take then with your daily schedule. Even an Asprin has caffine in it! Chocolate has caffine in it! But it is not always the caffine it is the nerves working overtime to heal that usually gives you that hyper feeling. Hyper feeling with Fatigue….it is a weird feeling for sure! I say that and even the Doctors just look at me like…..what? 😮

      Get well and post often that will use up some of that extra energy! I did notice that your doctor visits are 3 months apart? That is a good sign of getting things under control and healing too!

    • Anonymous
      August 4, 2008 at 8:20 am

      I see your up bright eyed and bushy tailed this morning! 😀 I do have my days and nights messed up for sure.
      The numbness and tingling mess starts every single night. After 5 hours of those meds and the pills wear off, that numbness and tingling starts up again waking me up to not be able to sleep again. It’s been a ritual for quite some time with me. I used to be able to sleep well, but since having this problem with my illness, I find it hard to sleep.
      Last night I got online and looked up something about diet sodas that have Aspartame. Hmmm! Found some interesting stuff about those Diet Colas that has that ingredient. Think I am going to Detox myself and drink more water instead and see what happens. I drink the caffiene free sodas, but that Aspartame might be a problem causing some of my problems.
      It was scary what I read! And I like my Diet Cola’s too! But could be poisoning myself!
      Have a nice day Kitt!

    • Anonymous
      August 4, 2008 at 9:27 am

      Linda I think we all get our education from the internet. I had trouble swallowing things that were not thick like milk. Water did not quinch my thirst and also having trouble with things that are cold bothering my throat. And burning myself on things that are too hot. I have found things that help. To water I add a slice of lemon or lime or both. That does help. I also try to change what I drink all day long…..hot tea in the morning to wake me up and then juice later on. Water with lemon with my lunch and maybe some warm drink in the afternoon in the Winter and a Smoothie in the Summer. Then Iced Tea that I make for dinner……When I get to go to a resturant I try the speciality drink they have either a lemonade or slush or save money by just having water with a two slices of water…..I don’t even use the artificial sweetners! YES I agree they are scarey! I do the same with foods too. It is easy to get into a rut and buy the same thing all the time. I don’t feel bright eyed and bushy tailed…..weekends are hard on me…..I usually take Mondays off….day of rest and do what I want!

    • Anonymous
      August 4, 2008 at 8:34 pm

      Linda, I’m the same way most nights. Thats why I use to work third shift prior to gbs/cidp.:D
      I can’t sleep even when I take a perscribed sleeping aid.:eek: I don’t drink pop, only eat a candy bar once a month, have tried warm milk, and all the other owtales with no help. Sorry I have run out of things to try for myself, soo I can’t make any tried and true suggestions.
      I have figured out that if I take it easy during the day, it helps abit to sleep alittle longer in the night/early morning vs wearing myself out and fighting the tingles/shocks and cramps all night.
      Good Luck and I hope you find something that works well for you to get more rest, and if you do let me know what you found. Take Care fellow Vamp:D

    • Anonymous
      August 4, 2008 at 11:09 pm

      Well here goes night 2! 11:04 and wide awake. Th Old Vampire is out and ready to Prowl! Hmm! Maybe I should have been born a cat! They like to prowl at night and search for mousies! Right now raiding the frig sounds better though. A mouse in my mouth does not sound to appetizing! EWWWW!:D