How To Make IVIG Infusions Easier

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      I get 200 mg of Previgan over 4 days at home every month. I max out at a rate of 135. Each infusion takes just under 4 hrs. Here’s things I do after some trial and error:
      1) I hate the needle pricks so I keep the IV in all four days ( I wrap it with mesh tubing overnight).
      2) I alternate arm each month to allow veins to  “recover”.
      3) I premed with tylenol & Benadryl.
      4) When nausea hits I take  zofran  or sometimes diet dr pepper works.
      5) I save my netflix movies/series for infusion days.
      6) I take several breaks by walking around or going to different parts of my house or even sit outside to break it up.
      7) My worst side effects are nausea  and tiredness .

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      I also premed with Tylenol and Benadryl.
      I also try and drink 8 glasses of water the day before my infusion.

      My worst side effects are tiredness and sometimes (5%) I get a fever afterwords.

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