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      New to this forum.  My father diagnosed with CIDP in December and is in treatment.  We are looking for a support group in the Houston area for him to attend.  Does anyone know of one or someone he can contact to talk to and share experience with?

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      You could call the Houston liason for the Foundation which operates this website:

      Mrs. Patsy Organ
      Magnolia, TX
      (281) 356-7960

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      Hi~~I live in the Houston area and signed up for info on a Houston support group and all I received was a reply email with Patsy Organ’s name and contact info and links to a bunch of literature. I have never been notified of a meeting. Back in 2002, a few of us arranged to meet one afternoon on our own in the Champions area. We had a nice visit but never met up again. If you are on Facebook, there is a very active group of GBS Survivors (that also includes care givers and CIPD) you might consider looking up.

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