Hi Family! Have not been in here a while!

    • Anonymous
      August 9, 2009 at 1:29 am

      Hi family! I have not been online much for a few months. Getting the IVIG’s but at first had a rough time with it but doing much better now. Still slow healing but am improving. The IVIG”s were giving me horrible migraines and they finally have me on morphine for them but only during the IVIG’s and a few days afterwards. But I have always had migraines with this Lupus and the IVIG’s trigger them to be worse.
      Now down to 1 time a month and am doing better! Still sick but better! It’s been a crazy summer! Alot of rain in NC and my garden was giving me food everywhere. Was busy freezing stuff and now canning jelly! Bought to work me to death!
      But this summer has been a bad summer once again! For me and my husband both. My husband has a daughter that is 29 years old from a previous relationship. Her mother was not that good of a mom. Past history of drug use and a bit on the wild side. We were going to try for custody years back but I ended up getting sick and it ended up being bad timing. Plus we could not catch Lyndsey’s mom in wrong doing even though half the town would tell us about her. Lyndsey got diagnosed at 23 with Crohns disease. We moved to NC 7 years ago and have not seen her in 7 years. No calls no nothing. Then this summer she calls and wants her dad! Lyndsey growing up really did not get much disipline at somewhat been a problem child. Her mom was on SSD and got two checks. When we moved down here and Lyndsey turned 22 she threw her daughter out with no money, no job and no car! The mom was not getting a check anymore and just threw her out. Nobody told us this! Until we started asking questions to family and friends up North and they all confirmed this to be the truth. In 2003 his daughter got arrested for shoplifting at a grocery store and got probation. She claimed she was hungry and had nothing and was trying to survive on the streets. Not once did she call us! Why! We don’t know! She stopped going to probation and got in trouble now being a fugitive with the law in PA.
      Gong to continue this on another page!

    • Anonymous
      August 9, 2009 at 1:58 am

      Well anyway! All summer she has been calling wanting us to help her. We wired her some money but can’t do this every week because we have our own bills. She is living from place to place trying to survive and claims she stopped going to probation because she was so sick with the Crohns and didn’t have money to get there. But because we were not sure about her we have been calling around and asking questions. She has had several hospital stays.
      Anyway! 33 days ago she landed in the hospital. They kept her two weeks and saw a serious problem and transfered her to University of Penn Hospital. She has 16 inches of small intestines that have ulcerated really bad and almost collasped. So she stayed in the hospital for 33 days. She needs surgery but the doctors told us it was just to risky right now and they started Remicade Chemo on her this week. Will need treatments the rest of her life. And will need surgery down the road! The doctors told us that she has been very lucky she didn’t die from this and has been sick a long time. She claims she was to sick to go see her probation officer and we do have proof that she has been chronically ill. So we contact the Probation Officer and tell him the situation. We are not trying to get her out of anything. But she needs help! All we want to do is get her transferred down here to NC because we can’t run two households at the same time. The probation officer is saying NO! He wants her in jail for 12 months because she stopped going to see him! I have been on the phone battling with this man for 33 days telling him what has been going on. He won’t let her leave the State. Doctors have said she will be disabled for quite some time possibly the rest of her life! And we all know how long it takes to get disability. All we are trying to do is get her transferred to another state and let us handle it from here so we can get her help the way she needs it! The man is being a total A Hole! You can’t even speak to him and he is not listening to us at all! She owes a fine because of this but has had no money and can’t work! We offered to pay the fine and he is still being a jerk!
      She’s really not that bad of a kid. But she has issues that need attention. And now her health has gone bad. She wants to get her life straightened out but can’t up North. She needs her dad and is begging us to help her. We are wiring money to her so she can get transportation to the hospital to get her treatments. It’s just been one big mess! Lets just say she is life threatenin right now needing a surgery in the future and how can we be in two states at one time! My husband can’t risk his job taking off of work and I can’t travel up North. So we have a huge mess! Just a mess! This is why I have not been online in the forum. Our phone bills these past few months have been horrible! Me and my husband both just don’t know what to do!

    • Anonymous
      August 9, 2009 at 1:29 pm

      Linda, sorry to hear there are more problems going on-you really need a break hun!!!
      Isn’t there a hospital agency that she can use to get her ssdi filed? at least that would be a start. The counselors should be able to call her prob agent and get her off the hook due to health issues. You doing it is not good enough for them-you don’t have the Dr in front of your name or the MD behind it, if you know what I mean. Its just your word and that just isn’t enough for him.
      I wish her the best. You need to destress your life Hun!! Go to your happy place for a cool down. Take care of those headaches.

    • Anonymous
      August 9, 2009 at 6:19 pm

      Hi Linda,
      Yesterday, we had a hacker here from a Chinese gambling site, PAI99, with the name of “VOIC2008”, putting garbled messages with an attempt for people here to go his website, onto old posted messages.

      One of the old messages that came up, was when last year you were doing all that canning of soup and vegetables and jelly, and wondered how the “old-time folk” did all this, plus run a household.

      Sorry to here things aren’t the greatest this year, on the homefront. Perhaps the welfare people or doctors can step in and get it straightened out with your stepdaughter?

      Take care, and hope things straighten out for you and your hub.

    • Anonymous
      August 9, 2009 at 6:35 pm

      Thank-you! Yes! I do agree I need a break and have been resting my mind on other things today. Gosh! A darn hacker in here! That’s not good! And using my posting for it! I hope they get caught! Yep! Pays to be careful now for I think the hackers are out there waiting to get somebodies personal information. Seems like no matter where you go even in your own home on a computer a criminal wants to get involved where you can’t even have fun online! Never a dull moment is it? Well I better get off line. Was checking my emails and then now going to watch a movie! Hugs
      Linda H