Hey Smiley!

    • Anonymous
      October 16, 2008 at 9:05 pm

      Hey Smiley! I just read your posting about your mother and just want to say how sorry I am to hear this for you! I will keep you in my prayers. Not easy going through and not easy watching your parent being this way!
      My father died of brain cancer too! They found a brain tumor in the motor cortex of his brain and could not do surgery.
      Just want to let you know if you need a friend to talk to I am there for you anytime!
      Sending huge cyber hugs your way!
      Linda H

    • Anonymous
      October 16, 2008 at 11:51 pm

      Hi Linda and thanks. Mom’s cancer started in her lung in 2002, inoperable, she fought it with radiation and chemo at the same time and beat it. Almost 3 years out she had a seizure and we found out that it had metastisized to her brain, again inoperable. She still fought it with whole brain radiation and then with a pill form of chemo, that supposedly “crosses the brain barrier” then with cyberknife treatments in April 06 & April 07. Then in Dec 2007 the cancer reactivated. She could have no more cyberknife treatments bc they kill good tissue getting to the bad tissue and the treatments had already affected her memory and balance, etc. She has been bedridden at home for about 5 months and Hospice is helping out as much as they can or as much as my dad will allow… Yes it is and has been extremely hard to watch. Especially since I came down with GBS in June 2007 and cannot help take care of her, it’s all on dad. Prior to GBS I was her caregiver, taking her to every doc visit and every treatment, taking her to her favorite thing to do, BINGO!

      I appreciate your prayers, cyberhugs and your friendship!
      Hugs to you, Denise

    • Anonymous
      October 17, 2008 at 6:45 am

      Hi Denise! Sounds almost like my father. They found a spot on his lung that was cancer and it went to the brain. They told my father because of where the tumor was at there was no surgery but offered him chemo. He refused chemo! That tore me apart. I did take care of my father during his illness and he was not around long. He got diagnosed in May of 2002 and died June 22nd 2002. You are right! Watching it tears you apart. It’s something I hope I never see again with any of my family members.
      My dad too was my buddy! I was a daddy’s girl! Alway’s was close to my father. And seeing him get sick so quickly and then suffering did a number on my brain. He’s been gone going on 7 years now and I still cry over loosing him.
      I have learned to except it and I hold on to the good memories we had together. But it was one tough time in my life that I hope I never see again.
      My husband and I now care for my mom! She still lives on her own, but it starting to get feeble. And I see it coming with her too! I am hoping my sisters will be around when her time comes and I don’t see her passing. I just don’t think I could handle it too well. It would hurt either way but I would rather not see her suffering.
      But I will say special prayers for your family and especially for your mother. That cancer is one disease I wished they could cure! Too many people getting it and there is just not much hope. But I pray that your mother does not suffer to much more!
      Sending you lots of hugs
      Linda H

    • Anonymous
      October 17, 2008 at 5:56 pm

      Denise, I’m sorry you and your family are going through this stuff. My Uncle had lung cancer, as they tried to intubate him for surgery they found a mass in his throat. He chose to try radiation treatment until they did an mri of his brain and found a mass. He went for 6 months before passing in hospice, in a few weeks is the anniversary of his death. I miss him alot. I use to go out to breakfast every weekend with my Aunts, Uncles and my parents. We still go out but now its only 1 Uncle and my parents, with an occasional cousin. You would think they would be able to come up with a cure with all the research that is going on now. And now with the economy the way it is, it will have a huge impact on all that research and treatments. Your Family is in My Thoughts and Prayers. Take care.

    • Anonymous
      October 18, 2008 at 10:16 am

      Thank you Cheryl for your thoughts and prayers. Cancer is a terrible disease. We have been blessed to still have mom with us. Her oncologist said she had beaten all the statistics on lung and brain cancer time lines. (lung 6 mo. brain 3mo. approximates with the type and stage of her cancer) She has a strong will and has been fighting a long time (2002 lung/2005 brain) and in doing so has been able to see her 50th wedding anniversary, see my children graduate from college and many other milestones in her family’s lives. But she’d hate to be the way she is now…
      I am sorry to hear about your Uncle. I hope that you can call upon the good memories of your times together to get you through the upcoming anniversary of his death.
      Take care, Denise