Hey Family! Update on Mom!

    • Anonymous
      February 1, 2009 at 8:30 pm

      Hello family! I have not been able to post to much with my mother being so sick and do apologize for not posting to much to you all in here. My time here lately has been not much having!
      I must say these past two weeks have been severely stressful. Not to mention exhausting. Having CIDP too does not help matters either. Right now my poor feet and legs are killing me.
      My moms creatinine levels finally started dropping and are slowly dropping a little each day. The hospital which infuriates me discharged my mother while she was still barfing her guts out and the doctor told us that there really wasn’t much more they could do that the rehab couldn’t do for her. Boy have they got me really pi..ed off with them.
      They discharged my mom last Monday right at the beginning of her levels dropping and sent her by ambulance to a Nursing Home Rehab Facility. Got her admitted and the next day the Nurse calls me up to tell me how sick my mom was and she felt my mom needed to go to the hospital. I want you to know that hospital didn’t even report to them that she was in this condition and here they were thinking she was ready for Rehab Treatment. So I have to give them a detailed description of what had been going on 9 days while she was in the hospital.
      Then the Nursing Home Rehab tells me that if my mother does not reach a criteria through Medicare that they will have no choice but to kick her out of the program. She had 7 days to reach that goal. And from Monday to Wednesday all she did was barf and no rehab. We had two choices then. Place her in the nursing home side or bring her home. I went into her room and she told me she wanted to go home. Told her I could take her home that she needed extra special care. She tells me she is going to die if she stays there.
      I had to go outside and call my husband and tell him our problem. He tells me to bring her home. Our home! Went back inside and told her to look at me. At first she didn’t want to look at me. Then she finally did. I asked her if she wanted to come to my home and stay with me. And she started crying and said she couldn’t be a burden on me. Then I asked her again! She finally said yes!
      Went into the office and talked with the Case Worker and they made the arrangments for her to come here. Hired a housekeeper to come in Thursday and they spring cleaned my house! $200.00! Then the same day the Hospital Bed and the Wheelchair along with some PT items, Toilet Seat, Shower Chair. We had to move our mattress and box springs into the other room. Take doors down etc! Friday the ambulance arrived with my mother. Early that morning we had to go to her rehab and pack her belongings. Then came home and waited for her to arrive. My husband took two vacation days off to help with the moving of my mom.
      She was still barfing her guts out Friday. And I started her on ice chips to keep her hydrated. I have been busting my fanny for 3 days now trying to get my mom hydrated and back to eating again. She has had no PT at all. But so far the very hard struggling work looks like it might be paying off. She has not gotten sick for 24 hours now and this morning actually ate 1 slice of toast for breakfast, some potato soup for lunch, and mashed potatoes for dinner. We are giving her phenergan for nausea and vomiting. They have two RX’s for Perocet and Darvocet but want me to wean her off the Percocet and replace it with Darvocet. Her knee looked like a basketball on Friday. Now the swelling is going down. And today we actually started her on some bed types of PT. Tomorrow the Home Health comes in and the Physical Therapist and will access her and we go from there. She will have labs twice a week. But today for the first time, I actually think my mom is finally going to survive this horrible ordeal. And instead of Darvocet we are giving her high strength Tylenol. Talked with the doctor last night on the phone about the pain meds and felt that too was attributing some of the nausea and today she seems to be doing better.
      My mom has 3 different insurance policies because my father was Military and Postal employed. What really irks me is here she has been so sick and because of certain criterias Medicare would only cover certain things and her other insurance covered the rest. So they move a very sick lady to another facility and pass the buck to that facility and if that patient does not reach that criteria they get placed in a loop hole.
      The moment I mention her coming to my house and giving her care and Medicare knows that will save them money they are now willing to pay for her care. And my mother could have died because of their stinken rotten criteria’s. And then what makes me mad is one doctor telling me that she is old and there really is not much they can do for old people. Telling me she has Acute Renal Failure and they did their part and it’s now time for her to be discharged from the hospital. Knowing she couldn’t even keep her food down and was sick as a dog. Which made me feel like they saw her dying and needed the stinken hospital bed for more money in the hospital and lets send her there to a nursing home to die. I am outraged! Totally outraged!
      But thanks to me busting my humps and trying super hard with my mom I now have her eating and drinking again. It’s been round the clock care! But I think we are now starting to come out of the woods and hopefully we will start seeing a recovery soon. Just going to take one day at a time one step at a time.
      I will try to come in here soon but just have not had much time. Been resting when she is resting and doing whatever I could and can to save my mom’s life. I feel too that if my mother would have stayed in that place she would have died. But now I think my mom is finally going to make! Just hope and pray now that she does not get a UTI! So I am being extremely careful seeing she gets fluids and ones that are healthy. No caffiene!
      Keep the prayers going for my mom! I hope by next week I see her starting to walk and eating and no more being sick! Hugs family!
      Linda H

    • Anonymous
      February 2, 2009 at 7:53 am

      Wow, Linda, I admire your strength !!!

      Your mom is a very lucky woman that you are able to care for her at home.

      It can be so stressful…remember to accept help whenever it’s offered and take care of yourself.

      Medicare has guidlines in which they will pay for skilled care. After being in the hosp, a patient is transfered for rehab and Medicare pays 100 percent for the first 20 days. However, it doesnt sound like your mom was anywhere near ready for rehab.
      Hopefully with your extra loving care, she will be soon.

      Prayers for you both….


    • Anonymous
      February 2, 2009 at 3:28 pm

      Hi Stacey! The Home Health Case Worker came out this morning and gave me a 1-800 number to call to Medicare. She told me that technically by law they should have kept my mom admitted in the hospital until she was well enough to be released. So I found out something new that might help others in here if they ever have the same problems.
      Medicare agreed to pay the Hospital a certain amount of money for my mom’s surgery. Then the Renal Failure they agreed to pay more. The first sign she started showing her kidney’s were waking back up, the hospital then could not keep her because defining nausea and vomiting is something that is hard to explain to Medicare. By Law the hospital should have kept her until she was more stable. But then it comes out of the profits they made from her while being in there for surgery. Meaning they don’t make as much money off that patient if they are stuck having to keep them longer. They had no diagnoses to give Medicare for her nausea and vomiting except her creatinine levels were still high. But her kidney’s had started waking up. So in order to save their profits they discharged my mother to the rehab knowing she would not pass that either throwing her into a loophole situation.
      Now all I have to do is call the 1-800 number and report what the hospital did and Medicare will fine them for releasing a patient too soon. They are not supposed to do that but many hospitals are now doing it and many get fined because of it. It’s only a slap on the wrist but does let the hospital know Medicare is aware of them releasing patients to early and possibly causing life threatening situations and also they are aware that the hospital could be a problem at a future date with other patients. And if they get too many complaints they shut that facility down for Medical Neglect and Medicare will not pay them for any services rendered. I never knew that until that lady came in today. When me and my mother told her what happened it shocked that nurse and she then came out and told me what she knew law wise with Medicare and the hospitals. So if any of you get into a problem like this with your parent or loved one, file a greviance with the hospital and Medicare.
      Me! I am calling them tomorrow and letting them have it! Well better get offline. Been busy running all day long! Exhausted and my day is only half way there. Hugs
      Linda H

    • Anonymous
      February 2, 2009 at 4:03 pm

      Linda I am so glad to hear your Mom is dong better and that you have broke into that barrier that keeps so many from getting proper care! I understand your frustrations. Maybe all will finally start to fall in place now so she can get the rehab she needs to get well and mobile. You and your hubby make great caregivers and are doing what you have to do to make sure a loved one is getting the proper care. Most of all I was glad to see that you posted [B]”Been resting when she is resting”[/B]. I was going to make sure we kept reminding you of that fact! Take are of yourself….you did a good job of getting to the bottom of this! Hope this has shown others to be an advocate when necessaray! We are humans and not a product on an asembly line!