Had my 1st "ROID RAGE" Incident

    • Anonymous
      December 13, 2008 at 8:29 am

      I have heard much about the prednisone affecting temperment, well, It got me last night when we went out to dinner with close friends. I acted out of character.

      We went to Lone Star, cause my daughters friend just arrived in from College.
      Got a table, waitress came over and intoduced herself and we greeted her warmly. there was 8 of us.

      She asked us what we would like to drink, so I looked up at her while everyone was fumbling with menus and said, “I would like a Mic Ultra”.

      She replied to me, “I want to start taking drink orders from over on this side of the table first” Nobody was even settled yet or ready to even order a drink, that was why I chimed in first for the drink.

      I shrugged that off and thought it odd. probably new employee and trying to keep it straight or something. No Problem. We all ordered drinks,
      I asked for a Glass because the beer came in a bottle.

      She asked us immediately about appetizers so we ordered like 3 different ones to share. She dissappears for a while come back and sais she will be back with the drinks, Asks us if we are ready to order dinner.

      I never order dinner before a drink hits the table. I was beginning to get steamed. We asked for more time to look at the menu. Only half of us had something chosen.

      she comes back with the drinks, and didn’t know who got what. one was to be with no ice and the remainder required glass’s. she set my beer down and realizes she missed the glasses and had ice in my friends mom’s drink.

      This is where I went off. The drinks are on the table, And she wants to get our food order in, keep in mind we are there 10 minutes and its not real crowded. “I said to her I’ll order my food when I get a glass for my beer”
      she said ” I’ll get that later, let me take your food order”, I got pissed and ordered nothing. I told her she was pretty bold to tell me she’d get me this glass I have been wanting pretty much when she will get around to it.

      Appetizers came and still no glass, I was steamed,

      Half way through the appetizers she walked by our table going elsewhere and I boldly exclaimed in her passing by. “A GLASS WOULD BE NICE”. She must have then have told the manager, because he showed up with frosty glasses and applolgized for any confusion. Dinner came out via runners and they didn’t even know who got what. the stank.

      My wife and buddy are going to me the whole time, tim, tim, don’t worry about it. We eventually enjoyed the time together, the daughters didn’t even know anything happened really, but the adults did. I ordered nothing, picked at everyone elses unwanteds. I probably would not have acto so without pred but would still have not like the dining experience.
      Combination of Bad Waitress, Steroids and high expectation coulpled with my retentiveness. Wow Wee, I need a chill Pill. FYI LOL now. Still upset a bit or I wouldn’t be venting it out here I guess. Live and learn.

    • Anonymous
      December 13, 2008 at 10:57 am

      For almost two years I got weekly infusions of 1,000 mg of solumedrol on Tuesdays (in additon to weekly IVIG the same day.) My family soon coined the term “terrible Tuesdays” & learned to stay away from me on those Tuesdays. I was pretty much homebound during that time, other than doctor appt., so it made me even more irritable. But the day of those infusions, I felt very hyper & agitated & would try to pick a fight with anyone who was brave enough to sit down & visit with me. That night I would talk well into the night (hubby had to get up at 4;30 AM at that time for work, I feel so guilty about it now. The next day I would be like a dishrag, & Thursdays would be my worst pain day. That is the pattern I lived with for 21 months. Normally I am a pretty mellow person & get along with everyone…

    • Anonymous
      December 13, 2008 at 11:46 am

      At least you have an excuse, I’ve done that with out an excuse. When I paying for service I have this nasty habit of expecting it. Hang in there. Life is really worth living only when you can laugh at yourself every once in a while.

    • Anonymous
      December 13, 2008 at 12:07 pm

      I’ve never been on steriods long enough to have that happen but just try me after one night of tequila – WOO WHEE! I picked a fight with the Mexican border guards after two margaritas (my first) and then walked over the border and did it again with the American border guards. 😮 I’m lucky they let me back in and I’ve been banned from tequila for the last 18 years. :p Other than that it takes a lot to get my blood boiling…:D


    • Anonymous
      December 13, 2008 at 5:00 pm

      it was for a different med issue?
      Thing is… meds you take for ‘this’ can interfere with what you take for ‘that’ if you aren’t careful and aware. I’d found out YEARS after I’d been taking one med and one supplement, that the two should NOT be taken together or one or the other’s effects are increased or more likely decreased. Frustrating? Yes, but it’s alerted me to be cautious about every single med I take! I try to take each med or supplement at least 30 minutes apart and since the med/suppl. list is large? This is an all day project!
      That said, on my first round of meds for another major issue I went what I felt to be whacko. Read up on the s/e’s and sure enuf I wasn’t the only one to have this issue. I felt as if I had grown FANGS! I don’t. Far from it! Doc wanted to put me on Effexor…[read the list of s/e’s? said No thanks. Thanks!] I chose to go to the herbal route…chammomile tea [tastes like grass, but, works] and 5-HTP-which I take only occasionally [available at herbal or vitamin stores], valerian in a hot broth is supposed to be useful too, tho I’ve not tried it myself. Since It’s not often nor consistent and the s/e’s are far less than ‘official’ meds… It’s cool with me…tho I don’t tell my docs I take it. I suspect they’d write me off as a worse flake than IF I were on the Effexor. Go figger. I’d research it tho, if I were you for s/e’s as some folks with heart issues can have problems. For me, tho so far, none have happened to date at all.
      I understand that ‘boiling point’ tho… it seems to come out of nowhere! Doesn’t it? And, worse yet, it’s like you’ve no control over it all. Dang it all. Why do we have to have this ilk? Hugs and hope and super good thoughts throughout the ‘transitions’ or whatever they are…. You deserve these for being so steadfast in getting on with this all.

    • Anonymous
      December 13, 2008 at 7:46 pm

      I heard once of an idea that I thought was good regarding acting out of character from steroids (or other stressors, even). Have a clue word with your spouse or best friend that when you are really not acting the way that you usually would (such that it would otherwise not be something you would do) that they say that word and immediated then you walk away and take a breather from the situation. It could be a silly word–I think the example was hippopotimus or a phrase like “The bull got into the china shop”. It does not really matter except to be a big clue to someone that they are not in character and should take a breathe and step back. It would not be used for little things, but only for things that were going “too far” with the latter depending on the social situation. This can help not to fight with people that you really care about or to keep the fight from getting out of control from saying things that you really wish you had not. Just an idea. WithHope for a cure of these diseases.

    • Anonymous
      December 13, 2008 at 8:12 pm

      Thanks for the pointers,

      Excellant advise on a verbal cue when it is noticed that I am glazing over and about to react abnormally. I plan on discussing this with wifey. I had and am anticipating if affecting lots. I am being careful when on the phone with customers and fellow employees. The stuff makes you so rammy that I have been prone to speak out of turn as well. Hopefully once the dose goes down so will this Horrible Side Effect. I think it makes me really tired too. I only sleep from 9:30pm to about 3:30 or 4 am if I am lucky. that makes it worse.
      I was sleeping 8-9 prior.

    • Anonymous
      December 14, 2008 at 12:24 am

      Tim, I was sure sorry to read this. Not that i think it’s bad. I know we all will read what happened and have our own opinions. To some it may seem like so little…I understand that totally. When we have these roid rages , we KNOW we arent ourselves. It sucks when we know it, yet we dont change it or sometimes even really care.

      I do agree that the verbal cue is excellent. With Hope always come thru. 😉

      I wish I had a magic wand or some kind of magic…to just make this all go away for all of us.

      Hang in there and chin up.


    • Anonymous
      December 14, 2008 at 1:50 am

      Oh Tim, I’m sitting here understanding so much and picturing you picking at the leftovers..:D I did the same thing tonight. I have been helping organize a benefit for the last two months, well today was the big day I left home at 8:00am and was on my feet working the benefit until 1:00 this morning.. I arrive home and listen to a message from one of my brothers cussing me out and telling me Merry F’n Christmas..all because he had put quite a lot of time and effort into building a log bedframe to donate to the benefit. We had arrangements for people to meet and pick it up but somehow our wires got crossed and I apparently misunderstood when and where. Needless to say the bedframe didn’t get picked up and he blamed me for it. I tried to call and apologize and he just kept yelling and cussing at me and I went off..I even used the F word which I don’t even rarely cuss and never use that word but I was exhuasted and beyond thinking rational and I think I could have made a sailor blush with my language. So I guess I won’t be getting a christmas card from him this year ( :rolleyes: ) but I’m also not going to lose sleep over this. Anyway my point is I wouldn’t never act like this but sometimes we just don’t seem to have the control that we need and definitely not like I used to have..Soooo if anyone is interested in purchasing a beautiful log bed frame I’m sure I can get you a good deal on one..