Going for four———-

    • Anonymous
      November 29, 2011 at 2:36 pm

      Welp——–Legs turned to rubber on Sunday night, 911 boys said ‘no stroke but we suggest taking you to local ER’. Yesterday PM, transferred to heavy hitter hospital CCU. Went for MRI then spinal tap this AM. Morphine coming on bigtime, I guess, but do remember lab guys asking me if I needed help turning over, face down, on that cold, steel table. Surely they are jesting, I was paralyzed from neck down.

      This was exactly three years ago. See ya’ll next February, about Super Bowl time.

      Finished up inhouse PT in April, able to slowly get in/out of bed into a wheelchair and could stagger down hallway using walker. Outpatient PT saw me graduate in six weeks to a shaky walk with the cane.

      Nowadays, we tire easily, but physically back to about 90% of original. I try to walk normally, but when in the crosswalks the cars seem to stop early and give me lots of room/caution. My feet are killing me, but just happy to be walking.

      Slowly does it——–Mackie

    • GH
      March 4, 2012 at 2:33 am

      That’s terrific! I identify with whole routine — lying in the ICU unable to move anything below the next. Then struggling to get my arm strength back, then torso, then legs — the first tentative walks with a walker, then a cane.

      Now I still carry a cane when I go out, but am not dependent on it. Last month, for the first time, I could jump off the ground and not lose my balance, a year and a half out of the ICU.

      Congratulations on your recovery. Keep it up!