GBS symptoms

    • September 23, 2021 at 3:26 pm

      I have a friend and  they   are  testing him for GBS. I do not think it is  GBS. He has RA and is in serve pain. I had GBS and had no pain,  just no nerves to drive my muscles. Has anyone ever had serve pain with  their GBS?

    • September 23, 2021 at 4:04 pm

      Yes.  My GBS happened in 2004.  When feelings began to come back to my legs it was God awful painful.  I was taking 180 5/325 Percocet a month at night to sleep and 180 Tramadol per month to function at work in the daytime.  Over five years I was able to back off the Percocet but stuck with high numbers of Tramadol.  Now, 17 years later, I am still taking 90 to 110 Tramadol per month for the leg pain.

    • September 23, 2021 at 4:25 pm

      Sorry to hear  you where in so much pain. I guess I was lucky.

      The only pain I had was from cramps, from trying to use legs, arms and hands again. Still occasionally get cramps in my hands and lose control a them for a couple minutes.


    • September 23, 2021 at 9:16 pm

      I had excruciating leg pain at night for several weeks, starting during the acute stage (this was in 2019). It was muscle-related; I took baclofen and flexeril for several weeks before the pain finally went away.

    • September 24, 2021 at 1:08 pm

      Other strange thing that crept in after the pain subsided – touching anything with my hands felt like I was receiving a mild electric shock.  A real issue since I work as an electronics technician/engineer and deal with power.

      I did qualify for a temporary handicap parking permit.  That was handy.  I did not have to carry things so far.  I was so sad when that thing expired!

    • September 25, 2021 at 9:53 pm

      I had severe pain from GBS  for many months. My pain was so bad that even morphine didn’t help; the only relief was when I was drugged into unconsciousness. I was able to wean off the pain medication after about 8 months. I’ve met others who experienced similar degrees of pain.