GBS/CIDP study out of the Netherlands

    • Anonymous
      January 29, 2011 at 8:21 pm

      [COLOR=”Navy”][FONT=”Garamond”]It was funded, in part at least, by this Foundation. Where can we get a list of all 24 diagnostic criteria?[/FONT][/COLOR]

      “Results: The preliminary R-ODS did not meet the Rasch model expectations. Based on disordered thresholds, misfit statistics, item bias, and local dependency, items were systematically removed to improve the model fit, regularly controlling the class intervals and model statistics. [U]Finally, we succeeded in constructing a 24-item scale that fulfilled all Rasch requirements. “Reading a newspaper/book” and “eating” were the 2 easiest items; “standing for hours” and “running” were the most difficult ones.[/U] Good validity and reliability were obtained.

      “Conclusion: The R-ODS is a linearly weighted scale that specifically captures activity and social participation limitations in patients with GBS, CIDP, and MGUSP. Compared to the Overall Disability Sum Score, the R-ODS represents a wider range of item difficulties, thereby better targeting patients with different ability levels. If responsive, the R-ODS will be valuable for future clinical trials and follow-up studies in these conditions.

      “Study funding: GBS-CIDP Foundation International and Talecris Talents program.”