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      My question today, well one of many, but will stick to this one…
      Does anyone have pain on the tops of their feet ? When I go to stand up, the top of my foot, sometimes both, feels like bones breaking or glass shattering. It doesnt last long but hurts so bad while it’s happening.
      My neuro said arthritis possibley. I’m not so sure.
      My feet are mostly numb…cant move toes well and for sure cant spread them. Big toe on the right foot has gotten much worse in two months and cant quite move it.

      take care and stay warm.

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      I have not had any top of foot pain….but have numbness and pain in my toes and feet. I would “guess” that whether of not there is some arthritis in your feet, it is the GBS that is either making the pain worse, or it is only the GBS.

      Although very slow, I am getting more feeling in areas that I had “given up on”…..

      It may be coincidence….but I began taking Maca Root
      (see this thread [url][/url] )
      and I noticed much more feeling in the “dead” areas….

      The pain can be extreme when I have been walking/standing for several hours during photo shoots. I take Cymbalta for the pain (and Dilaudid – but that’s more for back-pain – I was already disabled with a back injury before I got GBS).

      I’m also trying something “new” for the foot pain, and will wait another few days before deciding if it is helping…..

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      Does it feel like the muscles are “strung too tight” and they hurt when they stretch out?

      It feels that way to me, on the tops of both feet. While they are stretching out, the pain is pretty big. After a couple of minutes on them, the pain drops back to merely annoying.

      Both of my feet feel like they have been smashed and rolled over pretty much all the time now. I have found no reliable pain relief that allows me to remain cognitive.

      I sympathize with your pain. I wish I could make it go away.

      Dick S

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      As much as I have suffered with horrendous foot pain (for the first two years after my dx I seriously considered having them amputated, the pain was so unbearable), I don’t remember having any pain on the top of my feet. I keep the pain manageable by taking neurontin, I guess I am fortunate enough to have pain in enough different places that I am just used to the foot pain now. Also, it is much better than it was back in 2002-2003. Dick, I was just wondering if neurontin ever worked for you?

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      Try an ice pack for ten to twenty minutes at a time a few times a day when you can. If the pain does not reduce and go away, see a doctor. If the pain is on the bottom of your heel, you can have a heel spur and a cortisone injection will take care of it.

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      I have been having this more and more recently – on the tops of both feet…. they started out numb.. and then they got to the point where if anything rubbed up against the nerves it would zing all the way down.. now if I wear any shoes that touch the top of my feet they feel tingly and really painful.. if I wear them for long it becomes unbearable, especially if I haven’t taken my lyrica (I can’t sleep without that.. as I wake up all night long shaking my limbs that feel asleep).. I can’t wear any tennis shoes/athletic shoes anymore, as it just is too painful…

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