could this be cidp?

    • July 3, 2018 at 7:39 am

      I have been sick now for over 4 months and I am still not any closer to figuring out what is wrong. Everything started March 1st with muscle ache in my left shoulder. By mid March the aches started moving around my body(legs, back, arms etc). While my body had aches I didn’t have any other ill feelings. During this time period I meet with my Dr on the 11th and then again on the 21st and both times I was told this was a viral myalgia.

      After my March 21st visit I was told to return within 6-8 weeks if the problem persisted. During the next 5 weeks the problems persisted and now I was also experiencing fatigue. I returned to my Dr on April 23rd and explained the problems aren’t getting better. By the end of April the aches had changed and now I was experiencing muscle weakness/wasting. I first noticed it suddenly in my neck and arms but within the week it was also in my legs as well.

      Over the last 2 months I have continued to have increased muscle weakness and wasting throughout my body with everyday being worst than the day before. Along with the wasting I have had increasing amounts/times I have bowel movements from 1 time a day to 3 times a day. Also about a month ago I started having twitching throughout my body which is increasing daily.

      I am currently down 25 pounds from 285 to to 260 and I am losing strength/muscle throughout my whole body. I posted a similar post on the ALS forum and was told that ALS doesn’t move this fast and that it doesn’t sound like the onset of ALS.

      I have had my blood drawn 7 times, abdominal ultrasound, CT scan of the abdomen, bone density test,
      chest x-ray and nothing has thrown up a red flag. The only thing that has been found so far is that I have a fatty liver, my ferritin level is high 437, and my testosterone level is low for a 33 year old man 243. I am now scared and trying to figure this out and wondering if anyone has any insight? My next appointment is on 7/11 and is an MRI.

      Would appreciate any insight on this.


    • B
      October 4, 2018 at 12:19 am

      If there is a concern for CIDP, other tests would include an EMG/NCS and lumbar puncture.