• October 8, 2018 at 2:01 pm

      I came down with AMAN one year ago while on vacation in Spain. It came on suddenly and I became paralyzed overnight; feet,legs, arms and hands, no breathing problems. THe spanish doctor diagnoed GBS right off and started me on IVIG that very night.(I did have another IVIG treatment in late March but I couldn’t tell if it helped or not.) It was four months before I could move one finger. Today I can feed myself using my thumb and first two fingers of my right hand. I can now swim a little and walk in the pool. My therapist has me walking using a walker and AFOs(short distances) but I need help standing up from a sitting position. I just turned 72. Will I ever become somewhat normal or am I to old? I used to be very active before this, golf swimming and biking. One last note; make sure you have a good insurance company. My old insurance, Kaiser, sent me home after 20 days from a rehab center and told me I would probably never walk and regain hand movement. No PT or anything. I now get PT sessions 3 times a week and have good doctors and insurance.