21 Mos Update

    • Anonymous
      June 26, 2008 at 2:03 am

      Hello to all. I hope everyone is recovering.
      I haven’t been here for almost 10 mos now. I just want to share with you guys that I am still recovering from GBS also. Even though now I have been back to work for almost a year now working 8+ hrs days . Some of you might remember me as the Deputy (no I am not arresting anyone as of yet) that got diagnosed in sept. 06. I must say I would not have gotten this far without GOD & my wife & children in my life. I thank GOD for every step he allows me to take, and my wife for encouraging to keep at it when I have those frustrating days and feel like giving up. No one knows what we are going through unless they actually live with you.
      Well I use to be so afraid of the steps in the early stages when I was able to start walking again, I am now able to go up & down without the use of the handrails when I am feeling BOLD. I still suffer from a slight lower back pain, and numbness in the feet ( nothing that ALEVE don’t care care off). I am walking better despite a slight limp due to the hips still weak per my PT. I haven’t had a fall now in months. When I trip over things I can catch myself now. Where as my last fall, I was able to break my fall with my hands, but boy did my back hurt for a few days. I didn’t believe I would get better when my NEURO & PT’s told me I would. It just takes time. I am able now to walk greater distances now like grocery shopping, malls etc.
      without feeling as fatigued anymore.
      To the newcomers it might seem far fetched but I was exactly where you are now during the early stages. I was in ICU for a week, bedridden for a couple mos, wheel chaired a couple of more mos. One day I tried to stand up & I did, it was at that time I knew that there was no turning back. I was then ready for the walker which introduced me the to the cane finally given that up. THAT WHOLE PROCESS TOOK ME ABOUT 8 MOS. I just couldn’t believe that things would get back to normal. I am living proof that it does get back to normal. GBS affected my equilibrium & my left knee tends to be tight at times. However, a friend loan me their TENS UNIT and what a difference that makes for me especially for my lower back. I would now say that I am probably at about 78%. I am able to run in place, trying to work on moving forward when I run now.

    • Anonymous
      June 26, 2008 at 8:52 am

      You have inspired me with your post. I just past my 8 month mark this month. When the doctors, pt’s and others kept telling me I would get better and I would walk again, it was hard to believe any of them when I was laying in the hospital bed unable to move or sit up without pillows on each side of me to keep me from falling over.
      Pt has gotten me out of the wheelchair to the walker and taught me to use a cane(the last 2 months). I get strange reactions when I tell people I was taught to use a cane. I think they believe we should put a cane in our hand and take off walking. If it were only that easy!
      Last night my pt started working with me on taking steps without the cane.
      I can walk all around the house holding on to walls and furniture but they will teach me the right way and help me do away with the cane.
      I thank God and my husband, who says he never had a doubt that I would walk again and my family. I know it was very hard on them.
      Thank you for your encouraging post.

    • Anonymous
      June 28, 2008 at 5:57 pm

      Thanks for you update and words of encouragement. Keep us updated and be well.