you make me laugh!!!

July 13, 2008 at 12:14 am

i’ll definitely post pics when baby comes! i’m anxious to see what this little one will look like.

i have hazel eyes and dark, straight hair. hubby has dark skin, brown eyes, and black curly hair. our 7 year-old is very pale, with big, blue eyes, freckles, and very light blonde curly hair. he has actually be standing within 10 feet of us and people have come up to him, asking if he lost, wondering where in the world his parents are:p he looks exactly like my hubby in the face, but people cant see that because he is a little “toe head”. actually, if you picture a cherub, that is exactly what he looks like.

my boys are absolutely gorgous, but i cant take credit for it because they look nothing like me:D hopefully, this one will look like my side of the family;)
they are both tall like me though, which is really cool! my 13 year-old is about 5’9″ and is naturally muscular, like 150 lbs right now. he has a big heart like me, but is stubborn like his dad. of course, that is where all boys get their hard heads from, right?;)

still have a tiny bit of hope that this one is a girl, but they say its not. never wanted a girl before (grew up with 4 highly emotional, dramatic sisters), but this time i talked myself into wanting one, since boys break EVERYTHING, rip or stain EVERYTHING, etc. plus, ive outgrown my cool factor with the boys, but that happens with girls, too, just not as early!

okay, im rambling! im tired!

take care everyone!

You make me laugh!

June 7, 2008 at 9:41 pm

Amen! on that hammock issue! I’ve certainly entertained the idea of a hammock, but i already end up on my head just trying to lay in my lounge chair! It’s one of those cheapies that has the legs that fold under, no matter how far you open them! So, there i am, head in the grass, feet in the air, with my big baby bump in my throat! Only the guys around me never offer to help:rolleyes:

We did manage to get to our place upnorth on memorial weekend. Wow! It was kinda cold (northern michigan), so i took my blanket and pillow and waddled my butt down to the dock. Took a nap right at the end of it, with the water beneath me and the wind all around me! So refreshing!!!

Enjoy the nice weather everybody!!!