Reply To: Health Insurance Changes

September 22, 2013 at 3:54 am

If you live in California you should read this recent LA Times article about the insurance changes going into effect next month:,0,2814725.story I don’t know if NY insurance companies are up to the same tricks, but probably so.

Medicare Advantage Plans are discussed here in some detail:

I have Medicare as my primary carrier and Anthem Blue Cross PPO (ABC) as my secondary (Medicare Advantage Plan) insurance carrier. ABC will pay my medical bills (parts A & B) and receive reimbursement directly from Medicare for the portion covered by Medicare. All my medical bills go to ABC’s claims department, none go directly to Medicare.

I had home IVIG while under Medicare (ABC). Medicare/ABC did not cover all the costs and I had to negotiate with the home health agency to reduce and write-off the several thousand dollars they wanted me to pay. Letters went back and forth for many months before they finally wrote-off my balance. If I had to use home IVIG again, I would make sure they were a “contracted provider” and pre-negotiate the costs, then pick a provider I could afford.

I hope you get the coverage you need.