My deepest Sympathy!

November 29, 2008 at 4:23 am

Hi Cookie! My deepest sympathy right now for you and your family. Do not blame yourself for this. When it is a persons time to go there is nothing any of us can do to save them. Don’t blame yourself for this! He was ready to go and is no longer suffering. I know this hurts you but he too was in pain.
God will give you strength to guide you through.
My deepest sympathy! Cyber hugs
Linda H

My deepest sympathy…

May 5, 2007 at 12:30 am

You & Monica will definitely be in my prayers tonight. I do not believe that God does bad things to people, nature does. But bad things do happen & he grieves along with us, & hopefully gives us the the courage to go on. My deepest sympathy in your time of loss, I am so very sorry…

My deepest sympathy…

March 22, 2007 at 5:23 pm

I too went back & read alll of your old posts from last summer. I am so sorry about how much both you & your husband had to go through. He was so young, I will always wonder why some can be so very sick with GBS & make a full recovery, while others are left with so many residuals. The only consolation I have for you is that he is now free from pain. I know that is little consolation, but only one who has endured the kind of pain most of us on the forum have endured, could understand what I am trying to say. Know that we are here for you now & will continue to be here whenever you need to vent. Again, my deepest sympathy to you & your entire family…