An update

July 19, 2008 at 6:52 pm

Wife was initially dx’d with b12 defeciency and started injections last Wed. @1000mcg and is taking 2000mcg daily PO. In the last couple weeks, she has increased energy although still very fatigued. She is getting around w/o cane for the most part although still a little unsteady and still lacking proprioception.
She says when she turns her neck or bends over, she feels electric like sensations in her hands and feet. I would think cervical injury because she has an old injury but there is little pain.
I am wondering if the sensations are the nerves beginning to “wake up” so to speak.
She has PT eval next week and OT the week after that. Not even sure at this point if she will need PT. Since our neighbor runs the outpatient program and is the OT there, we got a quick curbside the day of the neuro visit. It will be interesting to see what she thinks when she gets back from vacation.
Does the electric sensation thing sound familiar to any of you?
Thanks again for your posts during a VERY scary and trying time!

An update

September 18, 2007 at 10:26 pm

I’ve all but given up on U of M as countless calls, messages etc have still gone unanswered or returned. PT hasn’t even been ordered yet thru the hospital and I’ve been bounced from department to department. Tomorrow I will call our family doctor and get a prescription from him for PT. Jan from the boards has provided the name of a doctor at the DMC which I will try to reach tomorrow. Brandy doesn’t have all the pain she had with GBS but her walk is very strange and she doesn’t have a lot of balance. Her walker is her best friend. She has been doing exercises and we have been doing stretches and messages with her legs. In order to return to work as a pre-school teacher she’ll need to be able to drive and stand for 8 hours. She has set her goals; Mom in two weeks I’ll walk better and in three weeks I’m going back to work. Thankfully her spirits are high with only a few emotional outbursts. The nagging question, why me? and what exactly is wrong with me? Here’s hoping that tomorrow I can get her an appointment and can get pt scheduled for her.
Thanks for all the good thoughts, well wishes and prayers, they are greatly appreciated.
I’ll keep you updated as we things go along.


An Update

August 4, 2007 at 11:50 pm

[FONT=Century Gothic]Well it’s been 8 days since I lost Debbie & it’s so hard to deal with, I just get upset at times & start crying. I do have a photo of her that was taken when she was 18, sitting on a shelf above the computer. I can look at it & see her smile, that alone helps I did try to post that photo on here. But for some reason the only thing that shows is a red x, anyway I’ve been to the cemetery several times this wk, that to makes me feel somewhat better. The best thing I did do was had her final resting place at a church cemetery 3 miles from where I live. I can go there as much as I feel the need. I’m just trying to face everything now the best way I can, I did run into a lady today I know at a local store. She lost her husband 8 yrs ago & she told me it still hurts her after all that time. She said the pain of losing him has eased off, but at times it is still hard for her to deal with. She just hoped for things to get better for me, maybe one day it will. But this is for sure my love for Debbie is everlasting & It will be there till I leave this world. Don’t ever take anything for granted, because you will never truly find out just how much you love your mate till their gone. Shannon make the best of everyday with your husband, that’s the one thing I can tell you. [/FONT]