Reply To: 6 Years Post GBS

January 22, 2020 at 8:21 pm

GBS is almost always a single event and does not return after its normal 4-6 week run. The recurrent form (RGBS) is very rare (1-3% incidence rate) but is not known to last much more than 9-12 months. If your condition has seen flare-ups after a year or more from onset of GBS, most Doctors would diagnose the condition as CIDP, or possibly one of its variants (AMAN, MMN, etc.).

For those who may have been diagnosed with AMAN, Please see the following thread:

Axonal Guillan Barre (AMAN)

CIDP can usually be distinguished from GBS/RGBS through the following key tests:
• Diminished or absent deep tendon reflexes.
• A spinal tap, to analyze cerebrospinal fluid for elevated protein levels.
• A Nerve Conduction Velocity Study that measures how well individual nerves can send an electrical signal from the spinal cord to the muscles.
• Complete Blood and urine tests.