Reply To: Another vaccine victim added to the long list

September 2, 2018 at 2:44 pm

Here’s a twist on the vaccine avenue of developing GBS/CIDP. In 2014 I had a bad stomach infection (probably food poisoning per my neurologist at Duke) and went to CVS to fill an Rx for Cipro and Flagyl since the PA at Urgent Care thought I had diverticulitis (I didn’t). I noticed they were giving shingles vaccines and, since I didn’t have a fever, I was OK’ed for inoculation. I was out with GBS within a few days, but it took 5 months to Dx it. Luckily, I have a mild form with persistent stomach issues, fatigue, vertigo, and peripheral neuropathy. I filed for the flu court, but was told shingles are not “yet” included. I say “yet” because I found there are others that contracted GBS this way. Just not enough to make a good case. I my case it could have been the stomach issue or the strong antibiotics as well. Every year I am torn whether to get a flu shot since I am asthmatic. I have 6 docs, 3 say “yes” and 3 say “no”. I guess I need a tie breaker.