Thyroid Problems

    • Anonymous
      August 9, 2010 at 3:26 pm

      Has anybody had any thyroid problems that have been a result of GBS? If so, have you been successfully treated? I suspect that I might have an underactive thyroid. It’s hard to tell since so many of the symptoms mirror the lingering effects I still have with GBS. I would appreciate any input.

    • August 10, 2010 at 7:19 am

      I developed a hypothyroid condition that is being treated with Synthroid in a small amount. It came back into range immediately. Ask your doctor if this could be a viral transient condition due to GBS. Do not let it fester. My medicine dosage is so small (0.025mcg) that my doctor said he had never seen a dose that small. We may stop it to see what happens. I was a perfectly healthy male at 67 yers old before GBS. I believe it came with GBS.. Good luck.

    • Anonymous
      August 10, 2010 at 5:04 pm

      It would not surprise me if you developed a thyroid condition after GBS. It was a major blow to your body. There are so many interacting systems going on within the body…such an incredible machine. Dr. Christiane Northrup who is one of the leading doctors for women and she advised to stay away from synthetic thyroid medications such as Synthroid. My friend got heart papitations from it so she switched to thyroid glandulars and she is better. I also take them. There are other posts that you might want to read on thyroid conditions. Be sure that your doctor tests for FREE T3 and FREE T4…this will show the amount that is Free in your sytem and not bound. If yu do not ask for FREE….you might get results that say your thyroid is fine when it really isn’t.

    • Anonymous
      August 10, 2010 at 7:54 pm

      I’d had hypothyroid issues [underactive] looong before the gbs/cidp issues came up! It’s common with women starting or finishing menopause. Mine started EARLY!
      Look up ‘endocrine web’ and you’ll find full descriptions about how these teeny glands do wonders and work so miraculously in your body!
      I’d had ‘hypo-t’ for many years before my CIDP? 9 months later? I had a BIG FLARE which was diagnosed 18 months later as ‘Hashimoto’s thyroid’-meaning it was attacked by my ‘immune system’. Sound familiar?
      Web up the symptoms? They can be scary on their own, let alone having another immune issue to boot? To make it worse? Neuros and Endos [endocrinologists] don’t usually ‘talk’ to each other? But then? Soo many neuro problems are affected/impacted or complicated by the endo and many other issues? That it’s kind of a comedy routine as to ‘Who’s on First? etc.’
      The ‘free T-3 and T-4’ are useful? But when you’ve got the autoimmune to deal with? There IS a test [expensive tho, so some docs mite not want to do it…as a caution?] Which are the ‘autoimmune T-3 & T4’.
      Good luck with all this! Its bad enuf be be zapped by one immune issue? But the second [thyroid?] is usually, once diagnosed it’s easier to treat than most things and get you can get back to ‘somewhat normal’…given all else going on. Don’t expect overnite results…the doseages and follow-up tests usually go on for 6 months to a year. Often longer. W/LOTS of blood tests to boot! Once you get back on an even keel? You’ll be lots happier!
      Hope this helps! Keep faith and keep at it! YOU KNOW WHAT’s RIGHT FOR YOU!