Suspected MMN but undiagnosed

    • July 29, 2022 at 10:50 pm


      Hi Everyone,

      I have developed this condition that is currently undiagnosed. The closest that I can relate to is MMN and am wondering if anyone has had a similar experience as me.

      The first time I noticed something weird was back in Dec 2021 when I noticed myself losing balance when I over reached for something. It was subtle but I did notice it. In Feb 2022 I went for a 5km run (normal for me) and after  it felt like my R knee had no control and it would constantly try to buckle with every step.  It progressed and I had to stop running because as  soon as I started exerting myself, I would start to lose control of my motor functions in my R leg. My R foot would constantly drop and I would trip.

      I started going to Physio in April 2022 thinking I might have some kind of muscular issue. After going to a couple different physio therapists we concluded that this is not muscular but something that has to do with my central nervous system.

      It is Late July and I have stopped working (as a carpenter) because my R leg constantly feels weak and I am unbalanced while I am on it. I am currently waiting for my results from a full Spinal and Head MRI and am undiagnosed but I am fairly convinced I have MMN.

      My current symptoms are that my R Leg is constantly weak, especially around the knee. It’s pretty manageable until I start using it for any extended period of time. If I go for a walk then it quickly loses stability and control to the point where my R leg feels like jello. Biking is the best thing for me right now. When I am on my bike I can not tell that there is anything wrong. I have full strength when pushing down on my pedal but once I get off my bike then I feel like I will fall over. It does recover with rest. I notice it in my R arm once I exert my self, but not nearly as bad as my R leg. I also notice my R arm will fatigue after a few reps of bench pressing. My grip strength is good at first but quickly fatigues. I started going to the gym to try and maintain my muscle mass. My Massage therapist noticed a decrease in muscle mass in my R leg. I find drinking an electrolyte drink seems to help quite a bit. I have stopped drinking alcohol since I find it makes it worse. There is never any pain, or any sensory sensations like tingling or numbness.

      Symptoms have only arisen in my Right side.

      Thanks everyone!


    • July 30, 2022 at 2:32 pm