Stacey thanx

    • Anonymous
      October 21, 2007 at 4:29 am

      Your email box is full I hope you don’t mind me answering here

      [QUOTE=ConnorZmom]I am so sorry you are struggling with your husband. I dont even know what to say. Just hang in there and try to stay strong…take care and stay close to your children. I’ll keep you in my prayers …

      Hi Stacy, sorry for the late replay but the last weeks has been very hectic for me and my family. Thanks a lot for taking time to think about me and my family considering that you have so many problems to deal with. We finally got the biopsy results , and showed no abnormal plasma cells ,so therefor NO plasmacytoma , No cancer, which we are very happy about but This left us with no answers again and a worry in plus ,, why that lytic lesion is there and how can be treated” or at least stopped. I have finally decided to take my husband at home after 7 months in ICU. He is still on a breathing machine but the docs promised me that I would have all the support I’ll need at home. I know is going to be even harder with him being home but then I am sure he will be better off with us , family, looking after him at home , specially being away from all the hospital infections and then for his depression . I hope he will recover quicker and then we can think further for another CIDP treatment which all has been put on hold with his chronic pneumonia.
      I hope things are better for you and your mum or at least easier, I admire you so much for everything you are doing and you have gave me so much power and courage to go further. God bless you and I’ll keep remembering you ,your mum and little on in my prayers. Big hugs and thanks again

    • Anonymous
      October 23, 2007 at 10:01 am


      It’s so hard to have them home. I hope you have some help. My mom is coming home in two weeks and we are trying to figure out what we’ll do.
      That is great news there is no cancer and we could only think being at home would be a positive thing. Hospitals are so institutional and there really is no place like home.

      Is he already home with you ? You are going thru alot and your husband is very lucky to have you. Please keep us posted…and remember to take care of yourself also. I’m one to talk…but, I do know it’s important.

      hugs to you and your family…
      my best wishes,