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      Hello – I have been getting Gamunux C IV for 10 years every 4-5 weeks without any problems or symptoms from the infusions. Recently my doctor tried to push me out to 6 weeks and it threw my whole body off. I now have pulled back to every 3 weeks but I now have symptoms of my CIDP start to appear about a week and a half after my infusion. So I don’t seem to be getting as much response for long enough anymore from the IVIG. I discussed with my doctor maybe going to SCID for a while as then I can administer it twice weekly to avoid the peaks and valleys with IVIG. He said that sounds like a good plan. But my fear is that I would be switching from Gamunex C to Hizentra because Hizentra is 20% and Gamunex C is only 10% so less fluid volume would be required under the skin. I am worried that I will have a reaction to the new drug Hizentra that I don’t get with Gamunex as I know each Ig product is made with different stabilizers and additives. So I don’t know if it would be better to take the chance and stay on IVIG with Gamunex (known not to cause any problems with my body) and hope that after a few months my mild symptoms disappear between infusions or move to SCID but take the risk that I might have a reaction or not respond to it as well. Does anyone know if Hizentra is associated with a lot of reactions or kidney damage? Do people like doing the SCID more than IVIG once switched over? Do you get hard lumps in the incision sites after a long time doing SCID? I am just having mixed feeling whether I should go with SubQ route or stay on IV route.

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