• February 12, 2012 at 4:20 pm

      Im starting to do some more searching on rituxin, since that is my drs next suggestion after PE. From what I’ve read ,rituxin targets only the B cells. makes it a littles easier chemo to get, dont have to worry about catching viruses or being around people, no hair loss.
      My question is how does one know if their cidp is coming only from their B cells. I have numerous pages of labwork and cannot find anything that shows B or T cell abnormalaties. I did find stuff on the igg and igm—both of mine are elevated. Does anyone know how that relates to B or T cells?
      I also looked up anti-mag because it seems people with this are put on rituxin, but couldnt find anything in my huge work up at mayo or any other labs that mentioned this?
      Does the fact that i responded badly to prednisone make me a candidate for B cell issues? Because it makes sense that if you suppress one type and the other is then creating even more antibodies that cidp symptoms would get worse.
      guess i’ve got a lot of googling to do—i just find a lot of that kind of stuff is written so only a chemist would know what they are saying.