Requesting Info/Assistance in Colorado Springs

    • October 20, 2014 at 8:42 am

      Hello everyone, this is the first time I have reached out via these forums. I am hoping I can gain some knowledge as well as some guidance on how to proceed with my life’s new circumstances. I would also like to climb out of the den of isolation I have felt tapped in since being diagnosed in May 2013, I am a 37 year old bubbly, gay, Latin-American resilient man.
      After being diagnosed in May 2013, I underwent IVIG treatments here in the Springs for (4) months. In November 2013 I received news that my neurologist was leaving the practice I was being seen at and that a new doctor would be taking over his patients. I never had my follow up with him to know how the IVIG had affected my condition. For months until April 2014, I had been in doctor limbo. Meaning the doctor who replaced my neuro wasn’t qualified to treat CIDP, a fact I was advised about the day before my January 2014 appointment with her. I was re-scheduled to see a third neuro who was qualified to treat CIDP, then that appointment fell through as it became harder and harder for me to get around (at this point with no vehicle, which I sold for scrap to help with mounting financial hardship). I appealed to the Colorado Medical Group (the office) and so I was informed that the third neuro I was set to follow up with was only at their practice for a few weeks and that m original neuro (who first set up the IVIG) was coming back. That turned out to be untrue as the day finally came for my appt. we discovered that my original neuro was never set to come back and I was seeing now a fourth neuro, whose (of course) last day, was that day of my appointment! After this mayhem and blatant disregard I sought out a completely new neurological group. Now mind you, during this time I had undergone a slew of challenges with my insurance and an injury I sustained after a fall at work (slipped on uncleared ice at front entrance). That fall opened a workman’s comp. case and so I was sent out on medical leave. While on leave my health insurance offered via work was “frozen”, meaning you don’t qualify for full medical coverage while out on leave from the job. The lack of insurance, which reinstated in April 2014, caused this lapse in treatment and delay in getting in to see another neurologist. Are you sea sick yet? lol
      I was dealing with Liberty Mutual & Sedgewick for the workman’s comp claim. If you have gone through a workman’s comp. situation you know how much of a nightmare it is to simply deal with these folks. They had me to got to these shady orthopedists for the injury to my left foot and right hand, who concluded after 7 1/2 weeks, multiple MRI’s and x-rays that I was cleared to go back to work with “no restrictions”. I work in a call center and I am right handed. however after this fall I found it harder to use my right hand for the simplest things. My feet were noew going through what I call “flare ups”, severe swelling every 3-4 days. Despite keeping my walking to a minimum, my feet just kept hurting more and more, like really hurting.
      I felt I had no choice but to return to work, I was still the sole breadwinner in the household and there never seemed to be any financial assistance in sight. No relief whatsoever, it felt the world was against me and I was fighting a losing battle. It was at this time that I decided to sue my company for releasing me from my recovery too early and without restrictions. The overall attitude at work towards me became aggressive, negative and toxic. Upper management and supervisors could not be trusted with support much less any kind of understanding. I can go over the finer details of all this once I start getting some replies on here. I do have an open SSI claim and I have my first court date scheduled in December.
      As for the neurologist I was on a 3 month waiting list to see him and I finally did a few weeks ago and just yesterday had a 2nd EGM done which confirmed not only the CDP but the justification to continue with more IVIG treatments as my condition now has me hardly able to walk or grip anything much less balance myself. Thank goodness for walls, lol.
      I fugure there must be more options out there to help me, I am just not looking in the right places maybe? It’s nt like I do not want to work indefinitely but I am not sure what my options are. The only reason I even got my December court date for SSI was after I sent in proof of the financial hardships (which include evictions and disconnect notices). This proof helped expedite my claim which I opened through Citizen’s Disability back in May 2013 soon after my initial diagnosis. I am blessed to live in a town where I have options for food banks and assistance for help with things like my utilities if I qualify for it. It’s getting around that is difficult. I just signed up for a transport system here called Metro Mobility, but just started that process last week.
      So here I am now, sorry for the long overview but I wanted to make sure I covered as much of my story as I could share and start receiving a wealth of advice and informative support. Thank you so much for welcoming me on here and submit my “cry for help”

    • jk
      October 20, 2014 at 8:07 pm

      Armando, Sorry to hear about all your troubles. I am familiar with a case in California involving a work comp injury
      and Liberty Mutual.

      find an Attorney who is a Certified Worker’s Compensation Specialist. Do it immediately.

      • July 4, 2019 at 2:06 am

        Hi Armando, how is everything now? Are you getting financial assistance? Have you found a knowledgeable neurologist? VERY difficult to find one in Colorado Springs. I hope to hear an update on you. My heart goes out to you.