Nerve conduction study

    • October 27, 2006 at 9:38 am

      I finally got in yesterday and was sooo nervous. Turns out, the dr listened to my concerns about the needle electrodes so we went with the zaps instead. It worked out fine. I actually found the whole thing a bit amusing…like repeatedly sticking my finger in a light socket.

      My nerves are looking healthy and she said it looks like I will make a complete recovery with no permanent damage. She also told me my strength yesterday was pretty good. I asked about periods of weakness and was told it will come and go as things heal, not to worry. She of course couldnt give me a time frame for the residuals to go away, but “no permanent damage” sounded very good to me. Not having a baseline to compare to either before i got sick or when I was at my worst, she said from the looks of the results everything will be fine. I do have carpal tunnel in both wrists and will be wearing braces for awhile at night. I told her about it before she zapped me and she confirmed it. Not bad enough to consider surgery, which I wouldnt anyhow. Makes me really wonder how bad it really gets because let me tell ya, sometimes at night my hands and forearms hurt ALOT!!

      I also got a Rx for a neuro cream. I told her that the desipramine wasnt doing a whole lot as far as strange sensations or pain (not a lot of pain but it does get annoying when I am trying to relax and sleep). I will know more about it when I pick it up today. Sounds interesting without taking pills that make me crave sweets….to the point that I was snapping at my son the other morning because I desperately needed something sweet and he wasnt walking into the convenience store fast enough LOL! He thought i had lost it, but understood sort of when I apologized and explained myself.

      It is so good to know I am definitely mending. Now I have something to look forward to, to work towards.


      I am still working on the “color” project. Had some thinking to do but am hoping to have something to show ya very soon.

    • Anonymous
      October 27, 2006 at 9:44 am

      hi lori,

      right you are. once gbs has been Dxed, there is no need for the emg [needles], just the ncv [pads that zap]. take care. be well.

      gene gbs 8-99
      in numbers there is strength