Moved over to SCIG-does not appear to be working?


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      Hi everyone, looking for anyone that may have experience moving over from IVIG to SCIG.

      I had been experiencing some improvement in IVIG after 5 treatments and then moved over to SCIG (subcutaneous method of injection). Tinning seemed good with the whole covid thing going on and risk of hospital visits.
      Since moving over 6 weeks ago, my symptoms have been getting worse-numbness, flashes and nerve pain. Having seen three different Neurologists initially (2 of which are specialists in CIDP/GBS) they are really hesitant to introduce other options such as corticosteroids etc. Seems the only answer I keep getting is give it some more time and we will see. They have suggested that a boost of IVIG may be the next step but that’s it.
      Have any of you gone through anything similar ? I am quite concerned if we don’t get a handle on this it may just get progressively worse…


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