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    • June 4, 2015 at 3:55 pm

      I have CIDP and it hurts! For 21 years, 5 of them diagnosed, 3 of them using the maximum amount of gabapentin, nortriptyline and a variety of other pain meds. But, I still have pain, especially during my 8 days of relapse each month. I get 240 grams of IgG each month. I also have MGUS and because of this I have an oncologist, who tells me that here in Hawaii CIDP is one of the few chronic afflictions that is specifically spelled out, by law, as a pain remedy for CIDP.

      My question is, without implicated yourself in myopic Federal regulations, what is your experience with this medication? In Europe and elsewhere (and in other open-minded countries) Sativia (a brand name, but spelling might be wrong) is highly recommended for relief from peripheral neuropathic pain with very little euphoric or mystical highs involved.

      I’m traveling to Washington state to experiment this month, since to experiment in Hawaii (although medically sanctioned, an expensive licence is required) it is still illegal.

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    • July 18, 2015 at 4:37 pm

      Please keep us informed as I self medicate at night it helps with little aches and pains. I have gbs 3 months in, it also relieves the mind of continually thinking of affection.

    • March 18, 2016 at 2:30 am

      Hey Steve. I am Stephen. I’m going on 9 months out of the hospital and live in California where it is legal, yet people in the industry are in it just for the money. I do use MM as medicine for neuro pain and to take my mind off of the issues at hand. I am rarely taking Gabepentin and i’ll share what i’ve learned so far.

      CBD not THC is what has healing apspects of marijuana in it.

      CBD heals . THC helps the mind.

      That being said, FLOWER has a bit of cbd in each strain. But you need lots of CBD. aim for 8-9% CBD for good healing stuff.

      You can find it in SATIVA ( the stuff that gives you energy and crazy trips)
      or also in INDICA (stuff that makes you sleepy)

      In each strain you will find many healing properties and fun stuff, and some dowsnsides like sativas aren’t for people who have anxiety. But they don’t always work for each person. I stick to Indicas because they dont have as much anxiety.

      Find more info about EVERYTHING on

    • June 29, 2016 at 8:05 pm

      I had GBS on Feb 7, 2010. It wasn’t until last year that recreational marijuana became legal here in the state of Washington.
      Stephen is right about CBD. I use Mary’s Medicinals CDB patches. I quarter them and wear one at a time on my wrist about the area where the pulse is taken. For me, it works. I’m one of the 20% that never regained normalcy. I spend much time in a wheelchair. I’ve had pain both hip joints and neuropathic for all 6 years since onset, until I started CDB. The reason I started using the patch was an article in the Los Angeles Times, explaining the dangers of OxyContin which I had been using up until 6 weeks ago. I quit cold turkey, went through Hell as they say, with withdrawal. Dummy me. I forget to read ahead about quitting cold turkey. It’s terrible. I believe in heroine addiction it’s called Chasing the Dragon.
      CBD not only relieves both kinds of pain thereby cutting out pain pills, it relieves anxiety, so now I don’t take as much Ativan. I took that because I have GAD or generalized anxiety disorder as its called in DSM IV.
      I tell folks to give it a try. At this time I’m trying to get my wife to try it. She has been suffering with post polio since 1986 and is also in pain and a wheelchair. I am 70 years old. She is 69 years old.

      Bob Shannon
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