Loss of smell and bronchitis symptoms

    • March 22, 2016 at 2:39 pm

      I was diagnosed in August, 2015 with GBS initially. Had 8 plasmaphoresis treatments while in hospital and helped symptoms for about 5 days. Then went downhill. Went back to my neuro and he did nerve tests, etc and determined that I had CIDP. I had IVIG infusions x 5 days and then went to every 3 weeks. Now I’m on monthly IVIG. First problem: I lost taste and smell in hospital. Taste has come back but not smell. Has anyone else had this problem? Did it resolve? Second problem: With the last 2 infusions, I have had bronchitis symptoms following and cough lots of phlegm. Yesterday I had to go to ER cause I was coughing so hard, I couldn’t get my breath. They gave me IV antibiotics and nebulizer treatments. I’m doing better but wonder if anyone else has experienced these symptoms. I don’t see my neuro until April 25th and he has never heard of anything about smell. My GP says that sometimes while the IVIG boosts my immunue system, it may suppresses another. Anyone else had these
      kinds or problems. I’ve been trusting of my neuro but after reading all these posts, maybe I should be more inquisitive about my meds and what is actually in the IVIG. Can anyone help me with these concerns?

    • March 22, 2016 at 6:22 pm

      You might want to look into having your doctor infuse a little benadryl before IVIg, perhaps 15-25MG. They can also reduce the infusion rate so you can tolerate it better. If your reactions are because of the IVIg, you could try a different product or looking into SCIg.

      Here are some links discussing side affects. The first one is from one of the leading manufacturers of the IVIg solution (you might try theirs next time if you are using another brand):

      Although rare, some people have had an Aseptic Meningitis reaction from IVIg, you can read more about that here: