Look at this one, It’s nothing but a HOAX

    • Anonymous
      September 13, 2007 at 10:04 pm

      [SIZE=3][COLOR=blue]Has anyone ever gotten an email like this, I’ve heard of them but it’s the first time I ever saw one. This is nothing but a scam & I wanted to share it with everyone. To see what their thoughts on this one was.[/COLOR][/SIZE]
      Hello Friend,
      I am Mr.Patrick Chan,i have a business proposal of $24,500,000.00 for
      you to handle with me from my bank,if interested please send your full
      contact details to my private email:patrickchan1006@yahoo.com.hk and
      after that I shall provide you with more details of this business.
      Patrick Chan.

    • September 13, 2007 at 10:13 pm

      There was a story on this not long ago, I think 20/20 ran it. Most of the scams take part in Africa in these coffe type shops with men sitting at tables with lap tops looking for prey. It is too bad they sometimes get a catch! I always worry about older people like my parents.


    • Anonymous
      September 13, 2007 at 11:56 pm


      I’m so glad that you are aware that these are scams. I have recieved a couple before and just ignored them – the one said something about winning the Euro lottery, which could very well have been considering my husband is from England, and had I not known better, I may have fallen for it.
      Strange thing is that lately I have been getting a lot of emails saying something to the effect of … “Hi my name is (girls name) and i am lonely and looking for some company, if you want to talk this is the address. Please email and I will send pictures.” Something along those lines, but like i said, I have recieved so many of those saying the same thing, only difference is the name of the girl. Its such a pity that so many people do fall for this and loose so much because of it 😡 . These guys are EVIL – unfortunately Africa (where most of these orriginate) and corruption often go hand in hand 🙁 .