Ignored, disregarded, overlooked??

    • August 5, 2022 at 8:18 pm

      I am wheelchair-bound, thanks to 15 years of CIDP. When I’m someplace alone, I seldom run into this problem. Whenever I am with others, especially anyone younger than me, they (the people working at whatever establishment I’m at) want to talk to the individuals accompanying me. They don’t want to talk to me and will pay no attention to me. I seem to be viewed as so disabled they automatically believe I can’t think and talk for myself.

      It is SOOO frustrating and usually happens when I have to deal with much younger people at a restaurant. When I go to dinner with my wife (who is not disabled) they only want to talk with her. I interrupt and have to tell them where I want to be seated and my name, because if I don’t, they will put wheelchair people into very uncomfortable areas, like under super-cold AC vents where others won’t sit. I always ask for a booth where I can transfer into it from my wheelchair and leave my wheelchair in the aisle next to me. Sometimes that requires not being in a middle booth. I hate being seated at a table in my wheelchair and forced to eat at a distance from the table.

      Once I get their attention, it usually takes several minutes of discussion for them to realize that I am not some elderly, brain-dead, handicapped person.

      Anybody else run into this?

    • August 10, 2023 at 8:46 pm

      I realize this is an old thread but hope it’s okay to respond to it. I had that lousy experience like you said especially when with others. If they could experience this demeaning treatment POSSIBLY they may act differently.
      I very much appreciate your advice and references in response to questions on this forum! Btw.
      Would it be possible to talk on the phone? I had GBS diagnosis ten years ago, at age 50 with limited recovery but have since been losing ability. Today neurologist revised diagnosis to CIDP.  You mentioned some of your treatments but seemed to indicate you would do some things differently. I use forearm crutches full time and wheelchair when any distance or standing more than minimal is needed.
      Most anytime at your convenience would be greatly appreciated! Sincerely David Bartoo 903-452-9160 cell (call or text) or dnbbar2@etex.net poss message to set a time?

    • December 19, 2023 at 7:28 am

      I was lucky, was diagnosed within 6 mos. And only lost my foot, its a permanent drop foot now. I get CIDP treatments (IVIG) Because of my balance issues and other medical conditions, my sister is my caregiver. My family and friends who know that, ask HER how I am doing. I suggest just keep doing what you do. When that happens, just BUT RIGHT IN TO THE CONVERSATION and speak your needs or wants when in public. Your teaching people how to treat the next customer like us. Thank you!