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      Shanika Cuthbert

      Hi everyone! I have a hospital bed that I was using when I left the acute rehab I was in. I no longer need it. I want to give it to someone who can benefit from it. You can raise the top and bottom of the mattress with the remote that’s attached to it. It has rails at the sides. The mattress isn’t the most comfortable but when I couldn’t walk this bed came in handy. So if you’re in New York and knows someone who can use this bed feel free to respond here or email me at And don’t worry my family is clean and the bed is bed bug free!

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      sophia edward

      Ohh I am too late to see your post because I have just arrived here, I was really looking for such kind of bed and mattress and after getting search on the net I finally bought my Tempur-Pedic mattress and bed from Nest Bedding Coupon at Reecoupons, well thanks for caring others I really appreciate you.

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