GBS without treatment ?

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      Robert R

      Hi there everyone ! I want to tell you my father story and ask if you have been through this.

      On his onset he began to feel pain in his lombar region, and a little pain in his legs similary to a muscle soreness. After that he started to lose power in the both legs within one week. After that he couldn`t walk alone anymore, I was supporting him through the house (He was still going, but very hard). After a “walk” through several hospitals we were guided to go to a neurology hospital where he was immediately admitted. After 2-3 days, a lumbar puncture and an EMG was made. The cerebrospinal fluid showed increased Albumin, Proteins and IgG antybody. The EMG test showed AIDP and after that the GBS diagnosis was made.

      Throughout this period, my father was walking with a cane and the symptoms became stable. The neurologist said that he doesn t need a IVIG or plasma exchange because he was still able to walk, did not completely paralyze no respiratory problems and he will recover in a few months. I do not know what to believe because the treatment is expensive and they told me the IVIG is given to the very affected patients who cannot walk. I think his GBS disability scale was 3, and he was between moderate affected. I don`t know if this “treatment protocol” is only in my country, wich is Romania, but they convinced us that there is no need for treatment and he needs to start recovery.

      We started to do recovery in a hospital for about a month and a half. After that we came back to the neuro hospital where he was diagnosed for another EMG. This second EMG showed an increase in demyelination and decreased nerve amplitudes but the symptoms did not get worse. Doctors have been thinking a lot about a CIDP or a relapse of AIDP because of the last EMG results. They decided to keep him hospitalized to be in the worsening observation of his progress. His clinical process was always in the plateau phase despite the EMG showed worsening and after all the doctors concluded that it is not a aggravation of his GBS to CIDP and they told us to continue recovery with kinetoteraphy and this will last 6-12 months on maybe more, it depends on each one.

      Now I see little improvements on his walking, his ability to climb stairs. He gained some muscle strength and little balance, but he is not able to raise on his tips, only 2 cm. Since his onset he is having his fingertips numb and the sensation of a bilateral tight stockings (no numbness on his legs) on his half of the calf, but now this sensation has only remained in the right leg where he is having a little more foot drop than the left foot. He is still able to do dorsiflexion but not completely and his ankles joints have became stiff. Now he feels tightness in this area more on left than on the right foot. I think it`s a problem of his dorsiflexion tendons, tendinitis maybe?
      This area i`ve highlited become more stiff when he is doing exercises for his foot.

      Now i`m asking you: Do you have experienced something like this? What the doctors in your country say about the treatment? Can the recovery can be successful without IVIG or PE ? How long for you ?

      Thank you !

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      jon swanson

      I am 65 and 14 months into my GBS illness. I just started walking without a “walker” at about 11 months. Have been exercising on a tread mill using the arm supports to lessen the foot pain. I have been taking Lyrica for the nerve pain which is worse in my feet and then my hands. I had twice as much nerve damage on my left side which I am grateful for, because I was able to escape having to use a wheel chair. I did not respond to IVIG at all. Never tried PE. Your father received much better treatment than I did living here in San Diego, USA is all I can tell you. Lots of bad doctors here.
      They have a few centers dedicated to this disease, but good luck getting to one. I would try contacting one of those.

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